Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chipotle's war on guacamole

Seriously Chipotle, if we're talking the production of harmful "greenhouse gasses", the black beans in your burrito bowl make the avocado seem Erf Friendly by comparison.

Just speaking from my own "carbon footprints" experience.

By the way, I went to a Rocco's Tacos in West Palm last month (free plug). I love how they wheel the avocado cart up to your table and prepare the guacomole dip while you watch. Definitely worth the life of a polar bear or two.


  1. would love to have some avocado dip!!!

  2. I had an aunt that made the best guacamole in the universe. She refused to make any, until the avocado meat was yellow, added her secret proportion of tomatoes, onions, with garlic and served the nectar from heaven on homemade Mexican food she learned to cook, while living in Brownsville.

    If it caused global warming, I can only say: "To bad".

  3. WHT, it does sound like a weekend goal, doesn't it?

    Jess, I've never heard of yellow guac but I believe you when u say it was the best.

  4. A ripe avocado is black on the outside, the meat is very soft and yellow. At this stage, the flavor is more mellow and there's no bitterness.

    My aunt had avocados growing in her yard, so she would only pick them at their ripest and at the best flavor.

    After you've had guacamole with this type of avocado, the stuff you get at a restaurant is pitiful.