Thursday, March 20, 2014

When Michelle Obama visits the Great Wall of China on Sunday, will her manly frame be visible from space?

Mooshell obama, her two daughters, (Malaysia and Sashasquatch?), and her mother begin their lavish tour of China today in what is surely just another vacation at huge taxpayer expense. This time the state-controlled press have not been invited to be part of the first family entourage and they don't sound happy about it.

An email to journalists with the following preview of events in China carries the ominous warning 'FOR PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY / NOT FOR REPORTING'.

I didn't get the email.

THURSDAY: Arrives Beijing.

This video IS NOT Michelle being greeted at the airport by Chinese security. (But the resemblance to Moshell is uncanny, no?)

FRIDAY: Meets with Chinese first lady Peng Liyuan. They are to visit the Forbidden City, see a show and have a private dinner.

Probably not this show. (But the resemblance to Moshell is uncanny, no?)

SATURDAY: Addresses students at Stanford Center at Peking University; participates in virtual discussion with American youth; visits Summer Palace; meets with staff and families of U.S. Embassy. (Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *yawn*)

SUNDAY: visits the Great Wall of China. (will her manly frame be visible from space?)
You may recall when Barack last visited there in 2009:

Obama met with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on the Wall, and our Chattering Teeth reporter was there...

WEN: The Great Wall is a proud symbol of their heritage for the Chinese people.

OBAMA: Well I must admit that this wall thingy does work. I haven't spotted even ONE Mexican inside your borders since I've arrived.


The rest of Michelle's trip is filled with more restaurants, museums and shows. 

Meanwhile, the presidents starts his day early today at 11AM, when he departs for Orlando and a full day of fund raising. 

This, on the heels of working tirelessly on his NCAA bracket and hosting cinema night in honor of Cesar Romero... Chavez... or maybe Che. I don't remember exactly, but I'm sure it was important. 

We are in good hands folks.


  1. When Democrats visit China, my butt puckers. Those thieving bastards would sell the wheels off their grandmother's wheelchair for crack money, so some slush money from China is a windfall.

  2. The democrats have no love of country. THIS country, I mean. You're right. They're just crack addicts looking for their next hit. Michelle's schedule is a very weak attempt to make this to not look like a vacation on our dime again. Nobody cares though.