Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Harbaugh to fumigate and rid campus of cockroaches?

Football coach Jim Harbaugh took to twitter to endorse 'American Sniper' after U-M cancels the showing of the movie on campus.

Hours later the university flip-flopped and went ahead with the showing (such is the power of Harbaugh. Reviving the school's football program, beating back muzlim izlamofascists and helping stranded motorists in a single bound)

Now I see Harbaugh plans to meet with students (muzlim izlamofascists and progressive twits) upset by tweet of American pride.

The Wednesday meeting, requested by students, is expected to be a private affair with "Middle Eastern, North African, Muslim and South Asian student groups," according to the report. While the report originally said Harbaugh would apologize, other sources in the story say the coach is expected to simply hear out the concerned students.

My guess is that he goes Chuck Norris on them, or at the very least, puts them all in a headlock and gives them noogies.


  1. I don't see any follow-up or how this meeting went, or if there is now a fatwah against the coach. Sad how the university (and town in general) has become middle east west.

  2. will the dhimmmmituuude ever end! Bless you my loyal patriot friend now and always!..:)

  3. I like the idea of pushing back against the excessive demands of these foreign groups and their western apologists. Going all Chuck Norris on them works for me. That and the fumigation. No noogies for them.

  4. It strikes me that Conservatives are starting to finally speak out....the hell with PC.

    Or am I dreaming?!

  5. Hi Angel! Hope you have a great weekend!

    cube, Haha! I agree, except you might not want to be on the receiving end of a Harbaugh noogie :)

    Hi Z, No I don't think you're dreaming. As for me (and as you know), PC has never been my strong suit. That's why My wife rarely takes me out in public :)

  6. Jer.....come to L.A. and I'LL take you out :-) Oh, and you MAY bring your lovely wife :-)

  7. THAT would be awesome. Let me know if there is ever an 'invitation only' meeting and LA weekend extraganza for geeez blog fans, and if I make that list :)! Hey, that's actually not a bad idea!?