Monday, May 4, 2015

Texas Hunting Blind

Don't mess with Texas. Fly, meet honey.

SALE! The manufacturer has lost his head! Buy one virgin decoy for $99.99 and get 71 virgin decoys free!

In other news, 
Police kill 2 gunmen outside Muhammad cartoon event in Texas

Will obama seek charges against the police officers involved in this shooting?


  1. Man, you had espresso this morning, eh?

  2. a DOUBLE. So can I put you down for an order of decoys?

  3. hilarious.

    By the way, I actually DID have that thought..."Will the Obama thugs charge those cops?"
    I wouldn't be surprised. One doesn't kill muslims in THIS country and get away with it!

  4. You know, your 'prove you're not a robot' now has pictures instead of numbers or "pick the cake".
    I feel like people can't READ anymore so they have to use PICTURES! (i know that's not the reason, but ....REALLY? It's not quicker just to type 3755?? !!

  5. I fail the pictures more than the obscure numbers!

  6. And this time, I just had to click a box.

  7. Hmmm... I didn't purposefully add that robot check... I wonder if I can turn it off. I never have to verify my own comments so I don't notice it until someone complains. By the way, I AM a robot, but you knew that, right?

  8. This is getting serious. I'm thankful I live in another part of God's Country (Georgia) and we have no need of decoy's. Gotta new "double" of my own just waiting to be christened. ~:)

  9. Spark, two barrels are better than one!
    cube, I agree... and that body armor they're wearing still no help :)

  10. I did know that, Jer.
    And it's not so big a deal that you'd have to change it, just thought I'd mention why I think they're doing that...and hoping it's NOT for that reason...that people don't know their numbers!!
    Ed, I know! Sometimes it's tough to tell :-)