Monday, November 9, 2015

Larry David Receives Giant Check For 5,000 Pesos.

The scripted and unfunny heckle from Larry David during Trump's monologue is probably not what this radical leftist open-borders group had in mind.  Well, in the words of that Adorable Cursing Latino Boy, Bleeep You!

Random TV Sitcom series idea... Everybody Hates Quentin.
Plot Summary: Quentin Tarantino plays himself as an ex movie director, a few years after the successful boycott of his crappy movies due to his anti-cop rhetoric. He adopts Little Ricardo, that adorable cursing Latino boy who is always flipping the finger and adorably yelling the F word to any cracker cops that drive through his hood. There will be a laugh track, so hilarity will ensue.

I have sent my script in for review and am awaiting the expected contract offer with an oversized check any day now.


  1. good one Jerry! what tools!! hope u had a great weekend its beautiful in NYC!!

  2. Good one DaBlade! The Left are just Useful Idiots making Jackasses of themselves, as usual. ~;)

  3. HA ! Good one. As an aside, I found out that you can actually cash those huge checks. No problemo unless you try to do it in a bank full of democrat tellers and managers.

  4. Angel, great weekend, but too short as always. Feels like Michigan is slipping into the promised climate change of a frigid winter's eve.

    Sparky, Useful idiots indeed. That second obama election destroyed what compassion I may have still had for these ignorant masses.

    Kid,You "found" you could cash a gigantic check? Who paid you with one of these, and what did you do to earn it? And did it fold and fit in your wallet? I wonder if my employer could start paying me in this fashion instead of the auto deduction.

  5. DeBlade, No I read about it here. You can subscribe to it which I do. I find 75% of their daily content pretty darn interesting. Today's was about WWI and I had No Idea. Great read.