Friday, November 27, 2015

The Miller Lite "Dwelling in the Past' spot starring Uran Meyer

The Miller Lite "Dwelling in the Past' spot starring former Dallas Cowboy quarterback, Troy Aikman, is one of my favorite TV commercials for one of my least favorite beers. The original ad can be found here, and was the inspiration for today's complete fig newton of my machinations.

Yes, I know it's daring for me to post this cartoon on the eve of one of the biggest college football rivalries in the nation between The Michigan Wolverines and that team from Ohio. The bottom panel shows Urban Meyer admitting he dwells in the past, and Coach Harbaugh stating, "I don't blame you," as if to verify Coach Meyer's worst fears that he will never again beat Michigan. Ever. I guarantee it.

What my cartoon doesn't address is the reason why Coach Harbaugh is moonlighting as a convenience store clerk. Don't think too hard on that, rather, focus on what happens next. Coach Meyer takes his beer home and chugs it before leaving his garage, then cries himself to sleep.

That guarantee above was meant to horrify my fellow Michigan fan friends who are well aware of my dismal sports prediction track record (you there, Shang?). As a lifelong Detroit Lion's fan, my loyalty has rarely been returned. But how did my Lions look yesterday? 'Nuff said.

And my guarantee is no more, no less than what Jim Harbaugh did himself prior to the 1986 game. He backed up his 1986 guarantee, as quarterback, by leading Michigan to a 26-24 victory in the horse shoe that year, and he will back up, as coach, my guarantee above. I guarantee it. Or I will chug a case of Miller Lite.


  1. Since I'm not a football fan, I don't get it. :) However, I'll take you on chug a case of beer. I prefer Blue Moon so I'll bring my own. *hic* Have a happy weekend! ~:)

  2. It is very hard for me to understand how our mothers came from the same loins, and how our fathers came from the same loins once removed. I never met a beer I didn't like and you wear sissy pants - you are a beer snob! I suppose you don't like these either: pbr, hamm's, black label, buckhorn, meisterbrau, stroh's, old milwaukee, milwaukee's best, natural light, colt 45, mickey's (wide mouth), olympia, schlit'z, schaefer, coors and busch light. You probably put fruit in your beer and pour it in a glass. Grandpa Charlie is rollin' over! GO BLUE!

  3. Ed, you're blue and not green, eh? Or just not a hater, like moi, as I vocally rooted for Sparty knowing full well that was detrimental to the wolves. Some would say I'm not true blue for that. Whatever. I would never under any circumstances root for Ohio.

    Sparky, it's ok. I don't get myself sometimes.

    dr h, that was a disturbingly hilarious and accurate description of lineage. That said, Miller Lite is monkey urine. Doesn't mean I wouldn't drink it in a pinch, but it's certainly no Pabst... Or tepid red cap stolen when Canadien cousin Bill had passed out on the couch.

  4. Oh, and I still have an unopened can of Billy Beer. Match that!

  5. I will see that Billy Beer and raise you! You have proved my point, beer snob. I drank that six of Billy Beer in 1984 that sat unopened for about 8 years, and I drank them damn things warm! And in honour of cousin Bill, I will drink some Canadien Club, chase it with some Miller Lite whilst watching Meechigan crush them Buckeyes - GO BLUE!

  6. OK, admittedly that game did not go the way I had hoped. On the bright side, my uncanny inverse sports prediction streak is still alive. I continue to tempt this because, A) I'm not stupor stitches, and 2) I'm due for a win. I maybe was just off by a year, and I now can clearly see that Harbaugh's Michigan teams will never again lose to that ohio team or MSU. Ever. From now on. I mean it this time.