Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bill Clinton now the presumptive nominee for First Lady

Hillary is the entitled 2016 Democrat nominee. No matter what, it's her turn for sure this time. We know what happened the last time it was her turn. Skin pigmentation trumped female genitalia (blog assumption... hey, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, though it does require a willing suspension of disbelief.)

With the latest Hillary Clinton win, Maria Shriver is demanding we:

“ think about how this is historic and unprecedented” for Hillary Clinton to become the first female presumptive presidential nominee.

Or is she...?

Let's see if I can help untangle this knotted identity politics ball of twine.

1) Bill Clinton is widely regarded as the first black president. "Blacker than any actual black person who could ever be elected in our children's lifetime." [HERE]

2) During Barack Obama's campaign, he doubted whether Bill Clinton was the first "black president," stating he "would have to investigate his dancing abilities before I judged whether or not he was a brutha." [HERE]

3) Then Obama becomes the actual self-identified first black president, but Bill Clinton would not accept it. [HERE]

While campaigning for Hillary, Bill Clinton attempted to downplay the fact that Barack Obama was the first black president, suggesting to the audience that every one  is “100 percent from sub-Saharan Africa.”

Now, per a scientific google search: We all start as a generic embryo. You have a set of male or female sex chromosomes, but the distinction doesn't kick in until your hormones enter the picture, he explains. Without hormones like testosterone, you would stay on the path to womanhood.

Therefore, using Bill Clinton's own logic - George Washington was the first female president.

IN CONCLUSION: Bill Clinton may have had his "first black president" title stripped from him, but at least he will be recognized as the first male First Lady. At least he can hang his hat on that...

or can he? Speaking of hanging your hat on it...

and will Hillary REALLY be the first woman when she wins? You have witnessed Barack's throwing ability, right?


  1. My husband said that Hillary would look best with a red Mao Tsa Tung (sp?) book in her hands. She's even dressing like one of his followers these days. That, or we should change her name to Butch. ~:)

  2. Which bedroom will he sleep in?
    I doubt Huma will let him in with them.