Thursday, June 2, 2016

SHOCK SURVEILLANCE VIDEO: Harambe suspect in store robbery

Chattering Teeth News - The Cincinnati Zoo has released surveillance video showing a "strong-arm" robbery, allegedly committed by an endangered western lowland silverback gorilla who was later shot to death by a zoo official while in his enclosure. The suspect on the video, identified by the zoo director as 17-year-old Harambe, shoplifted about $50 worth of cigars, chicklets and salty snacks from the store before making his escape.

Harambe was shot to protect a human toddler who had found his way into the gorilla enclosure. Many have wondered why the child went over the fence. Now it is believed the youngster was lured into Harambe's lair with a bag of pork rinds


  1. Shocking! Good thing they didn't sell bananas or he would have cleaned out the place. And I thought he was just clowning around, but he did go ape on the store clerk. ~:)

  2. LOL! Yes, he did drag the clerk down the soda aisle. The video evidence against Bubbambre is beyond reproach, as he is known to prowl around without wearing any pants.

  3. haha chicquita bananas no doubt! and the world obsesses over a monkey while out vets die daily...arg! Blessday Sunday Jerry!!! xoxox