Friday, June 10, 2016

Elizabeth Warren Endorses Hillary

there's a shocker.


Z said...

Yes, I was just STUNNED! I wonder what job Warren's jockeying for when Hillary's elected. I say "when" because what's coming out of Trump lately is driving his numbers down...down....
unbelievable. All preventable. With patience and dignity and the facts :-(

Sparky said...

It's the Pinocchio-Pocahontas ticket! What can go wrong ... [/sarcasm] ~:)

Always On Watch said...


Good one.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Like AOW said.
Only not as well.
Or with the same originality.
Or pizzaz.

DaBlade said...

Z, I agree. I think we missed the last exit from this highway to 'H', 'E' double hockey sticks.

Sparky - You DID IT again! :) Brilliant. But you don't really believe Pocahontas will be tapped as VP do you? hmmm. I can believe anything at this point.

AOW, Why thanks, we gotta laugh - and I'm glad you did.

Ed, maybe not with the same pizzaz, but you managed to channel Charlie Babbitt's brother Raymond and his porch sales pitch.