Friday, June 24, 2016

Short Bus Democrats

"Short Bus" Democrats getting schooled on the Second Amendment.

And now this...

Chattering Teeth Blogxit?

The spacious Chattering Teeth Blog Studios Spa, Bar & Grill remains in tumult this morning as election officials continue to do recount after recount in order to determine the final results.

Will Chattering Teeth remain in the BSU (Blog Spot Union) and will CT's Prime Minister Blogmaster, the elusive yet suave DaBlade step down? How will this affect the blogosphere, and Will household finances plummet as a result of this momentus pending decision?

Exit polls of the CT staff hasn't shed any light on the subject, as the Barbie collection remains mute and their painted doll's eyes aren't giving anything away.


  1. I see the "walrus" made sure he was on the scene (John "I am the walrus" Lewis).

  2. I think the Blogshere would crash without Chattering Teeth. Best to carry on. ~:)

  3. The "good Dr Hirkimer" recommends taking some of that there "good ole wacky tabacky" before reading this blog!

  4. cube, Nice! I hadn't heard him called that but I certainly do see the resemblance. "NO FISH, NO BREAK!," or something like that.

    Sparky, so far the vote count is one (you) against the blogosphere. I may give it a day or two, but thanks for the vote!!!

    dr h, while I never myself took part in that particular herb, I can imagine it would act as a funhouse mirror filter for this blog and possibly open up new avenues of understing, knowledge and unity... nah... quit Bogarting and pass that here.

  5. It's surreal enough lately without introducing drugs into the mix.
    Then again, the last 7.5 yrs might be that flasback they warned me about.

  6. definitely a bad trip, Ed. But I am the antidope.