Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Red Cross Racist Safety Poster FIXIT Cool/Uncool labels are here!

I don't know about the rest of the internets, but I cannot sit back and remain silent in the face of the extreme racism exhibited by the so-called "Safety Poster" from The Red Cross.

By my count there are 19 individuals on this poster, 8 with varying degrees of 'color' - but not counting the floating blue whale with the rape whistle. So RIGHT THERE, the 11 crackers out-number the 8 cartoon characters with varying degrees of color by 58% to 42%!

Oh sure, the percentage of 'cartoons of color' are represented way higher than the demographics in the U.S., but far too low for any propagandist poster in today's progressive age.

Out of the 8 minority drawings, FOUR of them are engaged in behavior labeled as "Not Cool" (including the aggravated assault in the lower right corner), for a whopping total of 50%! Oh sure, there are no gun deaths and we would take this kind of behavior in Chicago... but a public pool?

Out of the 11 whiteys, only TWO are engaged in "Not Cool" behavior (only 18%, REALLY, Red Cross?!), and even those may be questionable, as the cracker chasing the brutha was actually trying to get his wallet back - and the poor cracker in Not Cool for drinking bottled water? Maybe he's from Flint and suffering from lead poisoning!

In any case, I think you will agree that these posters are extremely racist. Fear not, for I have a remedy. Rather than spending money and allocating resources in order to round up all these racist posters when that money could go to places like Planned parenthood and funding for the continued extermination of these children thingys - I have come up with a label solution of acceptable "Cool" and "Not Cool" graphics. Simply peel my labels and cover the offending drawings wherever you may find them.
 I know I am always comforted by the knowledge that our glorious president, peace be unto him, is on yet another vacation and relaxing while the country continues to unravel. But Putin 'bad'.
Need more labels? Have other ideas? Send me a self-addressed envelop with a blue jolly rancher and I will see what I can do.


  1. I don't care about their color or ethnicity, I want to know which one of these %$##$ put the Baby Ruth bar in the pool!!!

  2. Can't comment ... very nauseous after the double whammy of a shirtless Putin and the morphed HildaBeast ... need eye bleach ... STAT! *lol* [Isn't the modern world insane?!!] ~:)

  3. Haha! Baby Ruth bars are color blind in a public pool, amIright, cube?

    Sparky, Sorry. But I do have the permanent disclaimer on the margin regarding this blog and it being "thrilling, high speed, turbulent blog that includes sharp turns, sudden drops and stops." Here's your air sickness paper bag.

  4. WHEN is this world going to learn IT IS ONLY WHITES WHO ARE THE BAD GUYS and just be DONE with it!??

  5. When we finally meet, you're gonna give me a hit of whatever it is you're takin'

  6. Z, you are mostly correct, but I would argue that white transgendereds and ex-addicts are innocent as well. (and the corporate elite didn't think to represent either demographic in this racist poster!). By the way, all kidding aside... what's with the black kid labeled "Not Cool" in the middle of the pool? Seriously, I have no idea what he is supposed to be doing wrong (other than 'swimming while black'?)

    Ed, It's the blue raspberry jolly ranchers. They are mind fuel for home mortgage underwriters (at least this one:)

    1. Everybody knows that cherry jolly ranchers are superior. Now I know why your brain is wired the way it is ;)

    2. Everybody knows that cherry jolly ranchers are superior. Now I know why your brain is wired the way it is ;)

  7. arrgg this PC world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SMH! HAPPY JULY 4TH MY FRIEND!! xoxoxoxox