Saturday, June 18, 2016

National Buffoon's Family Vacation

President Obama and family are in Yosemite National Park this weekend. The Presidents goal is to have as much of a family vacation, with his wife and daughters as possible - which means he will be hacking around the nearest golf course while the girls spend their day on their phones and Michelle and her mother abuse the secret service and park personnel.

The Griswold family had a miserable drive cross-country to the Walley World theme park, but the Obama's are flown out to Yosemite in style. They haven't had a vacation in over a week, and it is darn tiring destroying the country. It remains to be seen if Michelle's mother ends up rolled in a tarp and strapped to the roof of the car. Stay tuned for more exciting vacation updates as the country unravels.


  1. Is this a fake new site?
    I'm getting suspicious.

  2. Internal polling of blogging staff here at Chattering Teeth News reflects a 100% veracity confidence level. This should be your most trusted news and information sites on the internets, and sourcing when doing your thesis.

  3. That's a relief!
    I need a source to counter The Onion.

  4. What'chu talkin'bout Willis? Oh wait, is that the wrong show?

  5. I'm coming to join ya, Elizabeth!