Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cruz Fights For Future of Country, While the Trumpsters are Playing "Game of Thrones"

In his speech, Senator Ted Cruz congratulated Donald Trump on his victory and nomination then spoke eloquently of conservative values, staying true to the constitution and of freedom. These are concepts Trump himself never talks about, so you can somewhat understand the confused reaction from the Trumpsters who had just heard these concepts and values for the very first time.

"What is this C-O-N-S-T-i-T-o-o-, whaty? LYING TED!!, LYING TED!"

So what was it that got the entrenched establishment like the pouty Britt Hume fuming, and the fool populists like the Matt Drudges crying? Ted Cruz did not kiss The Donald's ring.

I knew he had hit it out of the park when the camera panned to the Trump kids, all sitting stoically in a row with stunned looks on their faces and their round pieholes in a kind of perpetual selfie duck face. We did get a slow clap out of one when Ted emphatically endorsed the wall. Other than that, there was no sign of life from the Donald's spawn.

I was tired so I retired to bed shortly after Ted's speech, but I had considered slamming several pots of coffee so that I could remain conscious in order to watch Britt Hume wring his hands in mock establishment outrage. Priceless!

I know I am living on a small and very sparsely populated conservative thought island. I get that most of my Republican friends, relatives and neighbors disagree with me. That's fine by me. I am not saying my opinion is any better than theirs (I'm just thinking it) and I still respect all of them (some of them). But trust me, we are going to need an actual conservative banner holder when the dust settles (if the dust settles) in order to clean this mess of from the progressives (or the populists).

We are going to need Ted Cruz when the Trump tower inevitably and necessarily crumbles.

And that's the memo.

THIS JUST IN: From The National Enquirer (Trump's super pac)


  1. Cruz is nothing but a whiny-ass loser who is the conservative version of Michael Moore. He says that Hillary must be beaten but offers no viable solution to this conundrum. By the way, I've read the evidence in the Enquirer and on the internet, and his daddy is guilty by association with Oswald as far as I'm concerned (and that's all that matters to me). Trump 2016! Am I one of those family members whose opinion that you respect?