Saturday, July 23, 2016

If "Wishes are dreams without feet," Then Nightmares are False Hopes With Tiny Baby Hands.

There is a minor, yet interesting character in Steven Jame's novel, Every Crooked Path named Lily. Lily is a 'starving actress' trying to break into this small fraternity.

"With casting calls during the day, she needed to work nights. But as she reminded herself all the time, this was only temporary, a stepping stone. She'd heard someone say once, "Wishes are dreams without feet." So this was her way of giving feet to her dreams."

I find it interesting that Lily never looks at herself as a prostitute, or at what she was doing as immoral. Rather, she was just practicing at her craft by playing a role for money. And it was "only temporary."

By the time she got to the driver's door, the guy had lowered his window. She leaned close. "Looking for a little companionship?"...
"May I ask how old you are?"
"How young do you want me to be?"...
"You could pass for sixteen."
"Sixteen it is, then."

While this scene plays out from Lily's perspective, the reader suspects full well that "the John" in the fancy Mercedes is a psychopath, and are thinking as they read the creepy passages, "DON'T GET IN THAT CAR!"

It's true that Lily is responsible for her own actions, and she has rationalized these as if she had a "binary choice." Either whore yourself or starve. It never seems to occur to her that she could support herself with a waitress job, or some other reputable form of employment while she pursued her life's goals. Sure, she wouldn't earn as much as she did by prostituting herself, and times might get tight - but at least she would keep her dignity and her morals.

But of course, she got in the car.

I don't want to give too much away, but you need to know that Lily ends up wearing a cheerleader costume while chained by the ankle in a dank basement while being filmed by child pornographer perverts who plan on Lily playing the starring role for their next internet snuff film. Finally, Lily breaks into the movie business!

You'll have to read the book to learn what happens next.

Lily reminds me of the average apprehensive Trump supporter, right down to the tight cheerleader costume and chained by the ankle in The Donald's cellar. Good luck with that.


  1. Everybody has a choice to make based on their reckoning and hopefully some input from the Holy Spirit.
    When Trumper cultists call Never-Trumpers traitors, it's ridiculous.
    When Never-Trumpers call people who feel they've been boxed into voting for Trump, to avoid Clinton, prostitutes, it seems just as ugly.
    Had quite the discussion on air about this today.

  2. Ed, OK maybe a little harsh. I was trying to capture the disappointment the Trump voters will feel. I did catch the reference on the radio show clip. I wish you had your own show!

    BTW, like I said on FB - it doesn't matter a Hillary of beans what we do, not that you need to be reminded we live in the communist state of Michigan.