Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Poke'mon Go Be Like

And to think I believed the quirky 'Chuck' character from Better Call Saul TV show wrapped himself in foil to protect himself from unseen demons was imagining things.

There we were, my wife and I, minding our own business by the swimming pool after work last night - when in strolls my 24-year-old middle boy and his wife, along with their two German Shepherds they had walked around the block. Small talk ensued while the 3 dogs played. Next thing I know, the kids are running around the yard with their phones held in front of their faces as they pursued these unseen Pokey man thingys. Apparently, they are all around me, but since I don't carry a phone _ I can't see OR capture the little f'ers.

So here I sit, wrapped in foil...


  1. You don't need a phone to see strange shit like this. All you need is a good hook-up. I once saw the Easter bunny.

  2. http://www.cnet.com/news/pokemon-go-gotta-catch-all-your-personal-data/

  3. And now we know .... *do do do do* ~:)

  4. dr h, did the said bunny look like uncle ray in a rabbit costume?

    Ed, figures. I'll be sure to pass that data collection thing along. We can't even jail a cartoon monster these days.

    Sparky, are you playing this game or something :)