Thursday, May 18, 2017

Archaeologist Discovers Ancient Contemporaneous Hieroglyphs by James Comey's Ancestor!!

These tablets have been uncovered in the parking garage of one of Trump's casinos, and the special prosecutor has assigned a team of top-notch investigators to the site in hopes of uncovering additional evidence.

I love it when the media learns a new word in their morning 'marching orders'. Free Press, indeed.


  1. Translation: "Oog, asked me to forgive Grog for defending the Neanderthals at the fire pit...or was it he asked me what I had for lunch?

  2. Either translation is impeachable, according to Naggy Peloogi.

  3. "Oog and Grg". I like that! I wish things could go back to those good ol' days. A few more $Trillion in 'entitlement' spending and we might just get what we are entitled to. Total collapse back to the stoneage.