Saturday, May 27, 2017

Love Roller Coaster Saturday, "Say What"?

I could have gone another half-century without exposing myself to this...
Man secretly proposes to boyfriend on Disneyland ride
May 26 (UPI) -- A Disneyland visitor used a hand-made sign to secretly propose behind his boyfriend's back whole they were riding Splash Mountain... "He had no idea I was proposing and I told him that we should make 'shocked' faces for the camera," he wrote.

"I quickly hid the sign away after the drop and when we exited the ride we walked to see our photo and he was shocked. I got down on one knee and asked him to spend the rest of his life with me. He said, 'yes,'" the redditor wrote.
Here is a photo of me in the next car...

This wasn't the only proposal at the park yesterday. It seems the former president finally popped the question to Seddique Mateen, The Orland gay club gunman's father who also happens to be a self-hating homosexual muslim. The Courtship of Omar's father

I've said it before, and I'll say it repeatedly... I'm not homophobic and I do believe that its none of my business what pedophiles do in the privacy of their own cell block. But...


  1. Funny and well you know.

    I sure hope those tow don't have any trouble finding a florist and baker.

  2. OMG! "its none of my business what pedophiles do in the privacy of their own cell block. But.."

    I am laughing SO HARD! Yes, we could all live our WHOLE lives without seeing that stuff...Thanks for being a voice of sanity in an otherwise PC world of DOPES.

    I it AT HOME, I don't want to know about it...PLEEEASE!??

    And, Jerry, glad to know you're a mystery reader, too! I HATE to have to finish this SPLIT SECOND by Baldacci.... Do you actually MISS the characters sometimes after you've read a book? I sure do!!

  3. That's cute. Now, with their impending marriage, they'll have to determine which one is the girly man, and which is the manly man.

    I'm sure they'll figure it out, but will constantly fight over the decision. Of course, since men are involved, they can settle their argument with a chain saw...if they can figure out how to start it, since it doesn't start with a key.

  4. kid, They will be awash in flower pedals and baked goods. Side note, I definitely identify with this confused kid's mother, who said she was ashamed of him. I should clarify that I identify with her position... I mean, I don't wear a wig and prance around in flowered print blouses. Don't believe everything you're told...

    Z :) I know we hate the sin and love the sinner... but sometimes we must demonstrate love with a slap to the cheek when needed. Stab them in the front out of love and not in the back. Mental illness is not a preferred lifestyle choice, and I am sick of this culture constantly throwing this garbage in my face.

    As for Split Second, I have not read the Maxwell series but it is on the list now. My nose is constantly in my Kindle when I get a few to relax. Nothing better than a good mystery or tale of espionage. You know you're into a good book when you are thinking about the plot between reads... and I do miss the characters, but that's why I must be drawn to those series. Anyway, I'd drive a nicer car and blog more if my Amazon bill was smaller.

    Jess, I think one loong ride on the "It's a Small World" would determine the girly man. Come to think of it, that ride needs the chainsaw. (you're singing that song in your head now, ain'tcha? Can't get rid of it now, canya? :)

  5. Did you notice the boy in the front had worn out his jeans at his knees? I don't know where you get all of your great news ideas from but here is a conservative leaning news site that you might like:
    I met the editor the other day, he's a friend of mine:

  6. I thank you, doc. I'll check it out! Capeeeeh?