Friday, May 12, 2017

WeakyLeaks Dump - for you Pencil-Pushing Home Improvement do-it-yourselfers

In the last blog's comment section, we have been discussing a problem I ran into when replacing a garbage disposal. It was actually surprisingly easy to dissamble the plumbing and the old disposal (mine is on the right sink side). The new disposal went in with few issues.

Pro Tip: Don't try to use the Plumber's Putty you kept in your garage and is likely several years old and has long since dried out into a rock hard paper weight. Make a THIRD TRIP to your local Home Depot to get a cute l'il 9-ounce container for about $5 bucks. Yes, you will only need about ONE ounce of Plumber's Putty for this job and leaving 8 ounces - this time I was smart and used the extra to make a putty replica of Harambe the gorilla. Might as well be an amusing paper weight.

After this, I made the decision to replace the other sink's drain and strainer, as the entire thing was looking sketchy. This is where things went sideways.  The strainer locknut was/is frozen solid to the drain insert stem underneath.
From the Family Handyman...
Quick and easy fix for a leaky kitchen sink basket strainer. Replace the basket strainer yourself in just an hour and save the cost of a visit from the plumber.

After 'quickly and easily' hammering on the free-spinning locknut on the underside of your sink for over an hour, consider a bundle of TNT. TO BE CONTINUED...


  1. If you can find the right tool, a drimel comes in handy in splitting the nut, and making removal much easier.

  2. I like this guy! im gonna try this first when I get home...

  3. An oscillating saw would have been faster, but it works when you don't have an oscillating saw.

  4. Nope, no oscillating saw. I do have numerous and assorted standard tools good for odd jobs and used sporadically. Even a few tools I bought and used once for a forgotten one-time purpose. The oscillating saw would have been another in the later category. The good news is the hacksaw worked as the youtube video promised, and 15-ish minutes later, voila'! The tricky part after that was playing with the 1 1/2 in pvc plumbing pieces, a a new configuration was necessary due to the different sized disposal and moving of the tank from culligan for my water filter system. At some point will need to replace the entire sink cabinet, as water damage has warped the bottom inside floor so that the bottle of windex and various other accoutrements no longer stand up. Looks like a few small leaks will demand attention in near future. In the meantime, a catching basin underneath my monstrocity is holding the tsunami trickle at bay. ugh.