Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mummies Day From Pyongyang

Kim Jong-Un plans to spend a quiet Mother's Day in his mansion retreat in the Kusong region, launching missiles, ordering family executions and torturing a few prisoners for amusement.

After that, brunch with mother.  
Ko Young-hee was the North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-il's consort and mother of Kim Jong-un. She died over a dozen years ago. Surveillance satellite imagery reveals there is just a pile of shoveled dirt beside an empty grave at the Taesŏngsan Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery. 

A boy's best friend is his mother.


  1. Maybe mom is still telling him what to do.

    I understand Kim built a replica of the Bates motel where he occasionally goes to stab naked girls taking shower.

    PS - Let Kim know it is shumer, pelosi, holder, clinton and obama who are planning to assassinate him. Boy that'd clean things up pletty good.

  2. It is time to give this Mother the Mother of all bombs.

  3. Kid, Young-hee can be a little bossy, but the the "special ingredient" in her famous roadside Kimche is to die for. Hey! Has anybody seen uncle Jang?

    Ed, I agree kid's idea would have merit - if only shumer, pelosi, holder, clinton and obama weren't colluding with North Korea (start stating that as fact and see if it catches on. Seems like how that stuff works)

    'good' doctor, Have you heard that shumer, pelosi, holder, clinton and obama are colluding with North Korea? It's true.

  4. Oh hell, I put the BOLO out for Uncle Wang.

  5. When I googled that Mr Blade,it sent me here:
    Are you alright, cuz? You may need some of the "good" dr's time.

  6. Looks like PSYCHO, doesn't it? NORMAN BATES with his shriveled up mummy of a mommy!! HA!

  7. dr h, this tin foil hat doesn't come with a chin strap. Safety first!

    Z, Kim Jong-un says he is feeling much better now :)