Thursday, November 30, 2017

Deluxe Matt Lauer Toy Office Desk With Secret Button


NEW THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!!! Introducing the Deluxe Matt Lauer Toy Office Desk (With Secret Button)

It makes a wonderful addition to the playroom or bedroom of your budding male talk show host, democrat senator or Hollywood producer. This toddler toy desk features plenty of storage for kiddos to organize crayons, finger paints... toy handcuffs, zip ties & rolls of duct tape. 

There is an 'audition space' directly in front of the desk of your little predator-in-training, adjacent to the score board with the handy garment hook. Your little Johnny only needs to hit the "Secret Button" underneath the desktop to lock his bedroom door (Little Johnny's dad will need to help with the wiring - a GREAT father/son moment!) 

Will little Sally get the part? I guess that's up to her,isn't little Johnny? 

Now only $69.99. Our new operator, Matt Lauer is standing by to take your order. We can't promise he is wearing any pants. Call now!!

Matt Lauer had a secret button that would lock his office from the inside
...and somewhere in a high rise office... George Costanza sleeps beneath his desk, dreaming of being a marine biologist.
This linked sentence leads to a toy art desk and has nothing to do with this blog post of randomly hit key strokes. Any similarities or assumptions made to link this real children's toy with the one described here is the fault of the perverted mind of the reader making this false connection, and your blog host takes no responsibility for perverted democrats who may stumble here.