Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Looks like Senator Franken has dibs on the breasts.

And now for a visit from the Chattering Teeth Ghost of Thanksgiving posts past. Grab a seat by the fire... Now I wasn't born with a silver turkey gravy ladle in my over-sized pumpkin piehole, so you'll have to content yourself with a seat in front of my faux electric fireplace. Comfy?

The First Thanksgiving and Black Friday - Shopping like it's 1621!
In 1621, prior to anthropogenic global warming, the month of November was cold in New England. Freakin' cold. Certainly too cold to plant crops! "I wished I'd thought of that before leaving in September on a 2-month tour," thought Plymouth Colony Governor William Bradford, regretting once his decision to anchor the Mayflower off the shores of the new world in the dead of winter.

"...and honkey please, I'm freezing my butt off in these knickers!," Bradford complained. [more]

Now don't forget the dessert!

Life of Pumpkin Pie
I have this movie idea ... Picture a large Pumpkin pie stranded and adrift on a lifeboat with Detroit Tiger, Prince Fielder. One is a traditional holiday dessert with a blend of warm spices and the other is a very large and hungry Tiger, both on a very small boat.
 Will the Tiger eat the pie? The suspense will slowly build throughout the movie, as time and time again the Tiger picks up the boat oar, swats and misses the huge, round and stationary pie. [more]

Enjoy your turkey feast. Combat climate change by ridding the planet of turkey methane. Just don't wander too close to the couch later...


  1. I'm sure Thanksgiving at the Franken house requires constant vigil by family members to keep Al from the breasts and the legs. That, and making sure he doesn't molest the turkey.

    The photo of the turkey on the last iceberg was disheartening. Considering the temperature, I worry about the salmonella pandemic soon to follow.

    Oh, the horror.

  2. See, they don't teach history anymore.
    And Happy Day Before Black Friday!

  3. that Franken picture is HILARIOUS! thanks for the laugh~!

  4. LOL Wishing you a happy healthy Thanksgiving my friend! xoxoxo

  5. Jess, insert the thawed turkey between 2 slices of bread, slather in mayo, season with salt & pepper, and consume with chips and your favorite beverage. salmonella schmalmalnella. what doesn't kill us makes us fatter.

    Ed, Deja vu to you too!

    Z, Thanks & glad u laughed!

    Kid, this is a palindrome-free zone. Unless it is "A but tuba".

    Angel, Thank you and back at ya! Ours was better than advertised. Now bring on them leftovers!