Friday, November 17, 2017

Franken Varys

Chattering Teeth News - Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has enlisted the help of a fictional eunuch politician from Westeros to give the mandatory anti-sexual harassment training to members of congress. Senator Al Franken immediately  groped and "forcibly kissed" the eunuch trainer upon his arrival without his consent.

Fans of the George R.R. Martin books or the hit HBO series Game Of Thrones will immediately recognize the trainer as none other than Lord Varys, a/k/a 'The Spider', a/k/a 'The Master of Whisperers on the King's Small Council.'  The world of GOT is filled with perversion, pedophiles and criminal misogynists making it a perfect reflection of congress.

As Varys has explained this, he was traveling  with a "a troupe of actors" when he was forcibly castrated 'root and stem' by a sorcerer. What better solution to the sexual harassment problem than the forcible castration of most our congressmen? I say most, because I assume there are still a couple gentlemen left in these chambers.

Then there is Paul Ryan, which castration is not necessary as he has already lost his balls to McConnell a long time ago.

I agree with Mark Levin in calling for Ryan and McConnell to resign. This problem in congress and the senate may not have started with them, but clearly it is under their watch that the sexual predatation is running rampant among our elected representatives.



  1. I've wondered what Congress would do, if they were faced with no more available credit, a small percentage of people allowing their money to be confiscated, and had only their extremely wealthy friends as a possible source of income to run the country.

    After the panic, I think their actions would remarkably resemble the actions of Fluffy, when their owner died, was laying on the kitchen floor, and the cat nibbles were locked in the cabinet.

  2. Yes, I hates dem. I wants dem to be put in cornfield.

  3. Jess, Lol. The pictures you paint... methinks the kitty will turn on the corpse before too long.

    Kid, I like corn. corn is too good for them. But I get your meaning. maybe send them to the colorless box with the freaky head on a coil clown jack-n-the-box toy.