Sunday, November 5, 2017

Trump and 11-yr-old Frankie helps Rand finish mowing his lawn after nut job democrat attack

Sen. Rand Paul attacked by neighbor while mowing lawn at his Kentucky home

Chattering Teeth News - Senator Rand Paul was blindsided and assaulted by his neighbor, a 59-yr-old retired Democrat doctor named Rene Boucher, while he was mowing his lawn. It is unknown at this time what set this dude off, or if having a girl's first name contributed to his rage, but it has been reported that the two have had an ongoing feud.

Obviously, the guy has a few screws loose.

I could hypothetically understand administering a blind flying tackle to knock my neighbor off of his tractor mower if he happened to be mowing his lawn before noon on a weekend - but reports state this attack happened around 3:20pm. 

Maybe the guy was upset with Sen. Paul because he would only mow his own yard and not his neighbor's - You know how democrats insist on taking the goods and services of hard working Americans for themselves.

It has not been reported anywhere, so it is not clear if this doc Butcher screamed the popular Antifa chant of 
"NO USA AT ALL" he launched himself  on the diminutive constitutional conservative.

Trump offered Rand the use of the 11-yr-old 6TH-grade Virginian boy named Frank, the official White House lawn mower. He also tweeted that Rand Paul's nut job democrat neighbor and attacker should get the death penalty.

“President Trump, where is your leadership?” Chucky Schumer said.

CNN's Jake Tapper reports, "...sometimes the phrase 'NO USA AT ALL' is said under the most beautiful of circumstances."



  1. Maybe Rand Paul should stop mowing at night. I know riding lawnmowers have headlights, but I think that's more for use at dusk, and not for middle of the night mowing projects.

  2. HA ha ha aha. Maybe in one of these attacks, Rand can feel his life was in danger and respond accordingly. Man there is some serious ignorance out there. Here's what we need. DJ Trump for president until he expires which won't be for another 50 years, or when he can no longer shoot under 150 on a par 3 course, which ever comes first.

  3. Jess, 3:20pm is the middle of the night? Ah. You must be on 3rd shift now. I've tried to sleep during the day with the shades drawn and a pillow over my head. Doesn't work too well.

    Kid, I'm telling ya, I'm surrounded by wingnut democrats in my subdivision and I'm gonna start packing heat when I mow (though I jog my timing of that activity to keep them guessing).

  4. HA!! Only YOU would put that kid from the WH lawn into this have a GREAT mind, Jerry! LOVE IT.
    I just can't imagine a senator mowing his own lawn....he can't be feeling too good ; five broken ribs ARE REALLY PAINFUL!

  5. Z, thanks. but careful what you laugh at - I am in no way close to being done mining the use of that 11-yr-old 6TH-grade Virginian boy named Frank. And yes, I had no idea Rand was as injured from this attack until late.