Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Sean Hannity Gives Keurig Customer Service Just 24 Hours To Replace His Broken Coffee Maker

Chattering Teeth News - "For me, Keurig has 24 hours to replace my coffee machine," said the Fox News fake conservative, fake Catholic and Trump sycophant, Sean Hannity. The  allegations that I broke this coffee maker myself are absolutely false.


  1. I was thinking about throwing my Keurig from a bridge, but realized I already payed for it, and the warranty didn't cover throwing the brewer from a bridge, acts of warfare, acts of nature, and trying to stuff a paper towel with coffee into the top.

  2. Who is Hannity, or Hugh Hewitt, or anyone not from Alabama to demand that Moore step down?

    Dana Loesch asks why, if Moore was so well known as a creeper, was he elected so many times, with large margins?
    Why did Luther Strange not present any of this in the primaries?
    He had enough money available to him to buy the same witnesses.

  3. Jess, Ha! Are you suggesting that destroying something already purchased is not how boycotts work? I've had many a paper towel coffee in my day.

    Ed, well you are right that none of us gets to vote in Alabama, but we can all have opinions on whether character still matters or we just wear a team jersey no matter what. I probably have not been following this as closely as you, and I greatly respect your opinion. Is none of this true and is he getting set up?

  4. What happened to your post from yesterday? Did I start a dumpster fire or something? :) If so, sorry 'bout that.

  5. Good One. Calling out Roy Moore was total BS. btw - Has he called for Franken to resign in the next 24 hours?

  6. Meeeester Blade. I absolutley believe the Moore thing is a total setup as of when the last accuser came out, reading from a script, Alred coorrecting her calling him Ray instead of Roy, writing in the chick's yearbook with the comment in black ink and the "Moore date" in blue ink and the 7's in that date not matching the 7's in the above comment in black ink.
    Really pathetic hatchet job. Worse than Dan Blathers forged GW Bush thing.

    I kinda hear the Alabama voters aren't going for it any more than Trump voters fell for sex abuse allegations on Trump 2-3 weeks before the election.

  7. As Kid said.
    Smell test goes "Negative!"
    But the Repubs piling on him to leave us a "morally superior" dem in that seat shows their true allegiance to globalism, the real party.

  8. ok. I still haven't spent any time chasing down the rumors and I share skepticism on all things out of Washington and the media. I will say that whatever chump the dems have running on their side is a separate issue and not related. If we used that as a measuring stick for whether someone deserved our vote, the dem would always lose the comparison contest. If I am going to "pull the poll booth lever" proactively for someone to represent me, and I am symbolically entering this decision into the book of life, I will never knowingly vote for a scumbag, no matter the binary consequences.

  9. Hear Hear DaBlade, gotta go with your gut.