Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Miss dumbum ain't ur teacher today

If you recognized today's blog title as being a quote from the movie School of Rock, then you're AWESOME! 

I would say, "YOU ROCK," but I have no idea whether or not you even play a musical instrument or sing (and I don't want to assume your musical talents). Even if you are musically inclined, that doesn't mean "you rock". Barry Manilow doesn't exactly rock. Celine Dion certainly doesn't rock. That's not a knock against them. They're doing their own thing, but it's not rock.

But that's getting off track from my original point, which was meant to recognize your 'awesomeness' for recognizing a quote in a scene from the movie School of Rock and from the actor Jack Black's character, Dewey Finn, while impersonating his substitute teacher friend, Mr. Schneebly because he was out of work and needed a job. 

Seriously, that is one of my favorite top ten movies. I think I have about 50 of those so far.

Again, I digress. Back to the subject at hand - which was my pet peeve of the misused expression "YOU ROCK". If you've ever told someone that they "rock", for something other than playing rock and roll music well... stop doing that.

Ted Nugent rocks. Alice Cooper rocks. Bob Seger rocks. Bob from Accounting does not rock, even when nailing the latest spreadsheet. 

Then again, maybe Bob from Accounting plays lead guitar at the local watering hole at night to supplement his income. If he plays well, then he rocks, but only during his gigs and never during his day job. Are you getting this?

Suppose further that Bob ROCKS a kick a$$ solo, and after his set, he walks up to the bar and you tell him, "nice cover sheet on your latest TPS reports." That would not be appropriate nor appreciated. Tell him he "rocks",  then wait to compliment him on his accounting prowess in the morning.

Joe Satriani also rocks, but unlike the gentlemen listed in the above paragraph - he is not from the great state of Michigan. But you know what other band is? Greta Van Fleet, and Greta Van Fleet most certainly ROCKS!

Greta Van Fleet are an American rock band from Frankenmuth, Michigan. Frankenmuth already owned Christmas time, chicken dinners, beer breweries and lederhosen - now they are also home to the hottest rock band in the land. 

Greta Van Fleet formed in 2012 and consists of 3 brothers and a buddy (vocalist Josh Kiszka, guitarist Jake Kiszka, bassist Sam Kiszka, and drummer Danny Wagner).


  1. Didn't they write "Who Stole the Kiszka"?

  2. Judges are checking the spirit of the phrase and the context in which it was used.... We're going to allow it!

  3. Wow, I'm a fan. Best new band I've heard in years. Thanks. Maybe an op to add to my anemic playlist.

    Other mind streams from your Epic Post.
    - Not everyone is pleased that transgenders are allowed to compete in the Brazilian Miss BumBum contest. They must be bigots, phobic, raciss, or something. Personally I think only natural bums should be allowed but how are you gonna test for that?
    -I'm not actually a fan of "you rock". You must have read my mind yesterday because I was thinking about being young and on the dating scene again, and I would have a lot of trouble telling my girl "You rock my world". It's like a non thing to me, and I'm not even sure it has meaning in my world. You're beautiful, I love you, You're very intelligent, add several other adjectives and I'm good with it but 'rock my world' just doesn't seem to have any meaning to me.
    - I'm not a Jack Black fan, but I also like the School of Rock movie a lot, probably because it has kids learning to rock.
    - You sole my Swingline stapler and I'm getting it back even if I have to torture you with Pcloadletter boarding.

  4. BTW Ed, LOL on the Who Stole the Kiszka line. They do a great cover of that I'm sure.

    Kid, I first heard of these guys after they opened for Seger in Saginaw last year. I didn't go to the show but read a review and so I googled who they were. I was blown away and purchased their 8 tracks called From the Fires (some original and some covers) and have worn it out. I don't typically listen to youngsters music but it isn't typical for a group of them to sound like they came out of the 70s. I hope they are able to stay away from the excesses of success has taken down so many. They were just in high school like 5 minutes ago.
    -I'm not caught up on the Brazillian BumBum contest but appreciate the transgender alert. I suppose a test might involve a shackled Barack and watching his eyes to see who they followed.
    - yes, Office Space is still one of the 50 top 10 movies of all time! Great catch on the cover sheet thing.

  5. Oh, and Kid - here is an independent review by someone you may have heard of...

    I’ve been listening to this young band, Greta Van Fleet, and I’m really enjoying that exuberance that I’m hearing... it just sounds like they love music and they love what they’re doing and yeah, I’ve been listening to that quite a bit." -Joe Satriani

  6. Mister Blade, If Joe likes em I'm sure to also. Can't wait to go through their music. I usually just download from youtube to mp3 but if they're that good, I'll buy a CD(s) as a tip jar kinda thing. Artists should get paid.

    They've got composing skill and the singer rocks my world. Wait what? Anyway, it all fits together well.

  7. At the last G4 gig, Joe had Tommy Emmanuel there playing a 1959 Les Paul. Tommy on rare occasion plays electric. Anyway, Joe has good taste. It's long but just to give a flavor.

  8. Well, you'll have to scroll it back to the start.

  9. Holy crap!!! It's counter intuitive, but Tommy rocks even at 5am! That sounds great. Tommy be Good!

  10. Tommy played a lot of electric. Early on he was in a family band called Midget Safari who toured Australia, then in an Aussie rock band called Dragon playing electric. He is not short on talent.

  11. I never saw Black's "School of Rock" and the only Greta Van I know of is Susteren. I guess I'm musically reclined.

  12. Susteran is on the cow bell, but only on the ‘B’ sides