Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Melania Trump declares US leaving ‘horrible’ Michelle Obama School Lunch Program


School children are rejoicing across the country and celebrating the end of Mooch's lunch program.


  1. I never figured out how Michelle could supply all those schools with fresh, good vegetables....Oh? She didn't?....No wonder all those dried, shriveled meals were so terrible, and avoided.

  2. It's about damn time. Is this true? If so, why did it take so long. Devos should have done this day 1. I'm not happy, I'm voting for the dirty smelly pantsuit next time.

  3. Hey, don't knock a shriveled bush meat monkey skull until you've tried it! On a side note, isn't it lovely watching Trump dismantle obama's legacy brick by brick? I may not have been on his train at the depot, but I love the toes he is rolling over. ah well, the cocktail car is in the caboose anywho! Cheers!!!

  4. I remember when schools were reporting trash cans were full of broccoli the kids had thrown out. Better, healthier food is a good thing, but BE SMART!
    And wasn't this a program that was stopped a few years back!?

  5. LOL. Fruit bat kabob AND a turnip.

    The Trump administration has promised to MSLGA (Make School Lunch Great Again) but the wheels of government turn slowly. It will take time to undue all the damage done by Moochie. I can't blame the poor kids preferring to go hungry than eat the vomit-inducing food Moochie foisted upon them, while her children ate like Chinese mandarins.

  6. Z, yes this is recycled and my recent time poverty is to blame. I should have been clear on that I was symbolizing the dismantling of the obama legacy. Hopefully the volcano golf pic is self explanatory.

    Cube, No doubt Sachel and Moshpit had the gay pastry chefs packing their lunch every day!