Sunday, May 6, 2018

My Big Fat Tweet Funeral

John McCain Doesn’t Want Trump At His Funeral


TRUMP: I don’t want to go, and honestly I was not planning to go.

MCCAIN: Well good, cuz you can't come... it's my funeral, and I'd die if you showed up.

TRUMP:  Now I'm thinking about going. I expect I would have a crappy time, and I'd probably leave early... but if I don't have anything better to do, I'll swing by to pay my respects.

MCCAIN: NO! I demand you send Mike Pence instead!

TRUMP: Now you have to publicly invite me and I promise I won't. Either retract your statement and public invite me or I will not only go to your funeral, but I will make sure that Palin gives the eulogy.

MCCAIN: The dreaded Trump reverse psychology... Fine. Mr. President? I'd be honored if you would grace my corpse with your presence at my funeral.

TRUMP: I'll think about it.


  1. He's not going down like a ship of state, is he? No, he's going down like the SOB he always was. It should've been you and not Barbara.

  2. I think he should invite Jane Fonda. She can spit on his grave, and chant Communist propaganda, while squinting through her face lift eyes.

  3. Cube, we respect his service but wish he would have stayed out of politics for sure.

    Jess, Ha! I don't know if that would upset him... he seems to like his traitors and is even having obama give the eulogy. I'll bet traitor Kerry will be there too.

  4. I like the Jane Fonda idea. She should be sitting on an Ack Ack gun shooting down any passing aircraft that look American.

    Trump should hire one of those slow moving planes dragging a sign that says "You're no hero" to fly over the proceedings.

    Palin should give the Eulogy - From Russia.

    A thousand Russian agents should attend the funeral, all screaming "Yourbunnywrote!" Don't look it up, it's very profane.

    Yea, what a TDS suckfest this will be.

    Well, One down !

  5. I'd like to think that it's the disease that has turned his mind, but I look back to the days of the Keating Five and all of his shenanigans since then and I find it hard to blame the disease and can only attribute them to McCain himself and filed in a folder entitled "Screw The GOP, What's Best For Me".

  6. This is mccain being mccain imo.

  7. Yeah, always a wannabe leftist. "Well, One down !" made me spit my coffee! I can think of a few Supreme Court 'justices' I'd like to step up to that plate.