Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Melania cyber bullied

Melania Trump launches “Be Best” awareness campaign to combat online bullying and quickly becomes a victim of rabid social media bullying herself. Apparently, the minions of Michelle Obama sycophants believe the catch phrase "Be Best" slogan was stolen from something Michelle had said years earlier in an interview with Oprah when she encouraged men to "be better". Sounds to me like Michelle "be trippin'".

"It was an honest mistake," stated Melania. "I originally wanted 'Be Excellent,' but was told that was already taken."

Melania immediately changed the name to "For the first time in my adult life I'm proud of my country" awareness campaign in order to avoid controversy.

The scope of the Mueller investigation widens to include for possible plagiarized phrase collusion. Barron Trump's elementary school grammar teacher's home was raided by the FBI early this morning looking for possible wrongdoing in this Trump family grammar laundering.

So, Melania, Is there anything you'd like to say to Michelle after this major scandal?

Mooch "Be Biotch".


  1. I hear that Barron has been using words such as, "the", "at", "be", all over his papers at school. The plagiarism is rampant and cannot be tolerated even by such a tolerant group as the progressive left.

    They've even reported that Melania said something about her back "be finer", but that's not Mel's style. I suspect that after 8 years of swaddling Moochie with the downy-softest news, someone broke ranks and blurted something Mel would never say herself.

  2. "Be Best" is fitting for kids. They don't eat gourmet food and they don't need 50 center words.

    I thought Be Excellent belonged to Wayne and Garth.

    Though I wouldn't mind at all if Melania said Schwiiinnnnnnnngggggggggggg ! everytime she walked into a room full of men. Now there is something michael/michele could never say and get a positive reaction to.

  3. "BE BEST"....I felt like she expects us to speak English as badly as she does, honestly. "BE BEST?" Or Be THE Best?
    These kids don't even know what BEST might mean...no right from wrong, who's to say?

    But to accuse her of plagiarism? There's a HUUUGE push now to build the Obamas up and it seems like the Left got the 'go' about a week ago. Suddenly, Obama says , in Japan a few days ago, that "We need a million little Obamas and Michelle so we can fix the world" (I paraphrase, his is even more hubristic)...KIDS RULE today...he included in that Japan speech that the world now is "run by old men"....
    And now the push for voting at 16 will happen...right after they're building up that Hogg kid who suddenly is the gun expert of America.

    THis is all planned, this is all stupid, this is all real scary and the Obamas are RIGHT AT THE TOP OF THINGS. Because they're racist.. WE look at these folks and think they're evil and couldn't care less what color they are; we judge on actions... but THEY know we can't say much because they're BLack.......perfect storm. Very bright; far far brighter than we are.

    WOW, sorry for the screed, but I AM ONE TICKED OFF GAL!! :-)

  4. Cube, "EXCELLENT!!" [*plays air guitar*] If I were Melania, I'd follow her husband's lead in destroying the obama legacy and immediately disband the Michelle school lunch treaty. Melania 2024!

    Kid, I don't think Wayne and Garth used a "be" in front of excellent. I think they were just 'excellent' and it was Bill and Ted who added the 'be'. Hmmm. Calls for more study. and LOL to the Schwiiinnnnnnnngggggggggggg!

    Z, You're right, all these kids have been conditioned to get a trophy, whether they 'be best' or 'be last', so the phrasing is lost on them any way. And a million little Obama's would push me over the edge. I liked your 'Greek column' blog on that and the reminder of his 'citizens of the world' speech. The guy defines narcissism. And you can screed any time. :) I'm right with ya!