Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Two Fer TWosday


  1. I don't know any doctors in Iran.

  2. Within minutes, the lefties were quoting the CIA as saying that nothing Netanyahu said was new....as if Netanyahu would say anything he'd known for a long time? or as if Massad knows more than our CIA?
    But nobody asks, nobody stands up for Netanyahu..........The Left is winning.
    All a country needs to die is a media on one side :-(

  3. Agreed, Z. They are in the tank for the self-destructing left.

  4. Yet they believe every word that comes out of obummer's purple lips. You know, the one responsible for this rotten Iran deal in the first place.

  5. Kid, doctor mengele maybe.

    Ed, I love my CRTV!

    Cube, you mean the liver-lipped enemy of the state. I remember that a-hole.