Thursday, May 17, 2018

Trump Lunch Break

Nothing much on the...
Trump Schedule Thursday, May 17, 2018
I see that Mad Dog remembered to pick up a Happy Meal for the Secretary General of NATO


  1. Makes me think of Vladimir Putin singing Blueberry Hill.

  2. I had successfully avoided that video and any hint of its existence until this very moment - when in a fit of confusion and curiosity, I went looking for it. Now its etched like a laser on my brain and I can't shake the vision. This will not stand, Mr Kid. You may be in possession of the half eaten chicken dinner, but don't choke on the bones. I'm coming for it and I'm bringing a shirtless Putin on a unicorn with me.

  3. I refuse to go looking for that video. For now.

  4. MSNBC Investigative Journalists have just discovered that James Maddog Mattis was playing this tune on the AM radio in that prototype Chebly HHR that he was using to drive DJ Trump to a strip joint in Kentucky.

    Man I hope this doesn't get out.

  5. I winced then clicked, but then you go and do something like this.... AND TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF! Nice palate cleanser.

  6. Rd, wise. do not succumb to the Putin singing Blueberry Hill temptation. This is how they plan the takeover.

  7. Come on all you Democratics, you Liberals, and, or Progressives, come on. RN, Shaw, the Mexican Preacher, come on Creature Man, and the rest of you Losers tell me again about your phony Obamacare, you already know that you’re healthcare system is “sick and dying”. That’s what socialism delivers every single time. More poverty. More misery. More despair. My healthcare system was the best in the world before Barack Insane Obama and the Dumbocrats. It was so good, that even the catastrophic failure of the Dumbocrats hasn’t been able to stop it from being the best in the world even though it is far more expensive now and less efficient.

    The left can ignore the facts and push the propaganda all they want. There is no running from reality.
    So come on and tell us about the Unacorn you saw in your dreams last night!
    Your full of crap and you know it.