Monday, June 11, 2018

Bob De Nada and the Hollywood leftists attack President Trump while he is on foreign soil

Is anyone surprized that Robert De Niro says ‘F— Trump’ at Tony Awards (while our president is in Singapore in advance of dangerous negotiations regarding NK nuclear weapons), and gets a standing ovation? What I found odd was that there was actually another Hollywood awards show. Do they have these every weekend now?

So Bob De Nada was apparently introducing fellow leftist commie Bruce Springsteen to perform a song. Did Samantha Bee open with her so-called comedy routine of c-word insults directed at our first lady? Was this followed up by Michael Moore reading poetry?

Think about this. This douchebag's Trump derangement routine was captured by scores of broadcast professionals on state=of-the-art cameras and microphones and relayed over multi-million dollar satellites in Geo synchronous orbit and over a vast network of underground fiber-optic cables to TV sets all over the globe and enjoyed by approximately 3 viewers. The majority of the rest of us were either watching the Food network or clipping our toe nails.

Well, at least the Hollywood audience of leftist communist progressive C----s and dumbf----s enjoyed it.

Fav comments from linked article (and only reason to even click it):
>>>F#@K DeNiro.

>>>and just like that, I am gong to vote Trump from this point on, I have always been a liberal and voted for Obama but these relentless nasty and vulgar attacks has made me sick of these celebs that continue to act like toddlers throwing tantrums. It is not classy and exasperating to hear day in and day out.

>>>De Niro doesn’t realize he will never be in a hit movie for the rest of his life. Never.

>>>That’s saying exactly “f*** half of America, f*** elections, and f*** our constitution”.

In other news:
Donald Trump And Kim Jong Un Lookalikes Hold 'Summit' In Singapore
SINGAPORE: While access to the historic summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will be tightly restricted, hundreds of Singaporeans got the next best thing on Saturday when two lookalikes showed up at a downtown mall.


  1. A comment I've left around the tubes....

    I wrote to De Niro via a comment section in a couple articles talking his poor comments about the president… “Hey princess, who is in the White House and who is sitting around like a little baby in an apartment in NYC(?) crying his little eyes out?” I hope he stopped by to read them.

    Really! Trump is in Singapore doing something with N Korea that no other president has Ever even attempted! After calling out Little Rocket Boy ! And bobby can only vomit out f* Trump out of his drunken and drugged pie hole. What pathetic POS's they are. All of them. LOL.

    He should die like John Bonham of Led Zeppelin did.

    Great Post ! Enjoyed it.

  2. A standing o!!! Thank you Edward.

    Kid, you're fired up brother! Don't get tired of winning! I'm not, and I was late catching the train.

  3. Bob DeNada. That's a good one. In Spanish, denada is something you say when someone thanks you. It could mean, "you're welcome," or "think nothing of it." I'm choosing to think that I think nothing of DeNiro.

  4. Cube, You got it! A little eSspanyoal!

  5. Being fluent in Spanish really helps with those Spanish references :)