Friday, June 29, 2018


When things happen I will sometimes relate the events to an old movie or tv show in my head. Hence the previous post regarding Trump's rally and the movie Fargo. I don't always post them but I am going to today because I have an earworm and I must share it in order to make it go away. That's how it works for me. You've been warned.

The latest thing that happened is Justice Kennedy announcing his impending retirement, and as a result I have the Righteous Brothers "Unchained Melody" soundtrack from the movie "Ghost" on CONTINUOUS LOOP in my head.

"What does one thing have to do with the other?," I imagine you asking. I'll tell you.

This is yet another opportunity for Trump to get America back on track after suffering 8 long years under obama running around like an effeminate gnome and breaking all our clay pots and trying to turn America into one large Fairy Garden. 

Now comes President Trump with a big lump of clay and he gets to mold and form and remake this country's institutions back into the constitutional clay pots our founding father's intended.

See where this is going? You're thinking about the pottery wheel scene from the movie Ghost, aren'tcha? Think Demi Moore playing the part of Lady Liberty sitting at the pottery wheel and stroking the wet clay as Unchained Melody begins to play. Donald Trump is played by a shirtless Patrick Swayze, caressing and guiding her into forming the clay into something beautiful again.

"Ooooooohhh.... my love, my darling. I've hun...gered for your touch..."

Tag, you're it. I give my earworm to you.

Of course, this is not how the left sees it. They are in full panic mode at the prospects of Trump getting another Supreme Court pick. Check out this New York Times clap trap piece of crap if you enjoy bathing in liberal tears as much as I do: Trump Remakes America

OR just watch this old Donald Trump Funny Pottery Adverisement (which is how the left envisions the pottery wheel scene)


  1. I reject your earworm and raise you some Chet Atkins I think the guitar player did much better than the singer...

  2. Sometimes earworms don't take, as evidenced by your rejection. This explains why Unchained Melody hasn't stopped popping into my skull. IT BURNS!!! I'm hoping Chet acts as a tonic in this. I may need to take something heavier to unseat it...

  3. Yah, I love that guitar hook at the beginning. They were always a better studio band than live imo.

  4. Blade, most bands were much better studio. Led Zepplin did not do well live.
    Bottom line the bands that I would rate highly on a live performance..
    The Doors,Pittsburgh, 1960's, (Light my Fire, women throwing underwear on stage - I was 15) Pink Floyd Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, Dark Side of The Moon - Magical, Magestic, Perfect).