Thursday, June 21, 2018

The longest day

"On summer solstice eve, the Great Gaia rises out of her Kale patch and flies through the air with her bag of gender neutral toys for all the little purple penguins. She also leaves free condoms and rape whistles in all the stockings left hung by the incense burner. Wouldn't you like to dance naked with me by the bonfire in the Kale patch on summer solstice eve and wait for the Great Gaia?"

LINUS: "But isn't the summer solstice the longest day of the year, meaning Donald J Trump will be YOUR president LONGER today than any other day?"



  1. LOL. Tough for the snowflakes. Trump dysphoria couldn't happen to a better bunch. I passed on the nakie Gaia dance 'cause waiting for Gaia is like waiting for Godot. (No, it's not a Wonder Woman reference.)

  2. I saw Gaia once....or was it the Goodyear blimp? It's hard to tell, and the blimp has better navigation lights.

  3. I was concerned that since "The Longest Day" is now associated with Alzheimers, you might be mocking the demented.
    You are.

  4. Lovely that Krauthammer loved Summer SO MUCH and he died on the first day of Summer...we will miss him.

  5. Some folks think this chick was a setup. No matter, I'm sure there were many screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO across our great nation. In fact they still are. :-)

    I want them to suffer so bad that maybe it knocks the evil juju out of their brains and they go get jobs and start appreciating wage increases, tax cuts, and growing retirement accounts.

    Ok, too much to ask for. So, I'll settle for them suffering every waking and sleeping moment of every day and night that Trump smiles and trolls them. Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooo !

    I so happy.

  6. Cube, Godot? google says that's a game on Steam. Do you recommend? Or I am in left field again.

    Jess, lol. Not a good visual, and why is she wearing yoga pants?

    Ed, I didn't know that phrase was associated with Alzheimers and would never go there.. I have no problem skewering the self-inflicted demented dems on the other hand.

    Z, agreed. Not many good ones left in that profession, imo.

    Kid, You've captured the spirit of my post. I never fail to amuse myself.

  7. Waiting for Godot was a play about his friends wondering if he was going to show up. He didn't.

  8. Ed B. explained the Godot reference. Gadot is the name of the actress playing the new Wonder Woman. That said I would hate to see you out in left field when right field is wide open ;)

  9. Ha! Right field was my spot in the blooperball days! As for the other, I am beginning to think that time stopped for me at some point in the distant past where I quit accepting new information regarding culture, personalities, music, etc. Thanks for the assist!

  10. I was always the pitcher in my softball days because I could put the ball anywhere I wanted to put it. Later in life, my daughters coined it as "beanability," and I never missed anything I wanted to hit.

    You'll be culturally OK as long as you keep in touch with your friendly blogs. We're hip;)