Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Cuomo Retrofits Central Park Revolutionary Cannon - Goes On The Offensive To Battle The Virus

Chattering Teeth news - Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-N.Y. has been widely criticized by the partisan right for sending elderly COVID-19 positive patients into the city's nursing homes, causing the spread of the coronavirus and 4,800 deaths.

But Gov. Cuomo is sly like a fox, as he has had the Central Park Revolutionary War Cannon refurbished and fully loaded with 800 grams of live gunpowder, cotton wadding and a cannon ball. Cuomo began a barrage of cannon fire and began targeting these hotspots early Tuesday evening.

MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle now getting slammed for her 'softball interview' with Cuomo amid the 'cannonball run' nursing home controversy.

“While I have you, you have been criticized for your comments about nursing homes. Some people say you did not act quickly enough, too little, too late. What is your response to that criticism?” the MSNBC anchor asked.

"I’m getting criticized now for doing too much," Cuomo responded. "We will have lost many Americans in this, but the only solace we’re going to be able to take is we can say we did everything we could in flattening the city skyline curve where this feeding frenzy exists."

PICTURED: Located at Fourth Avenue and 101st Street in Brooklyn, the Fort Hamilton Rodman Gun is said to soon be operational and used if any newly opened businesses or daycare centers begin exhibiting signs of a second curve.

"Besides, its just a bunch of old people. None of us democrats care about them," Cuomo continued. "We've isolated the contagion and are now taking systematic steps to eradicate this virus."

The governor addressed a band of useful idiot reporters and said "nobody" should be prosecuted for the those who died, noting that "older people" were most vulnerable in this cannon ball assault on the virus.

Pictured: Gov Cuomo visits the site of where the Harlem Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation once stood and proudly announced it was "now free of the virus." 


  1. This too close to the truth. I thought he reported in an msnbc interview, that the canons were not doing enough damage and that he has ordered bunches of those autonomous .50 cal machine guns like they used in the movie Aliens, one of his favorite movies as he loves to see people being eaten by ugly creatures.. Democrats will suffice for this duty since they are a reasonable facsimile of the Aliens.

    1. My mother used to tell us that if we couldn't say something nice about someone, we just should say nothing at all. Of course, that didn't stop her from criticizing Dad. It must have been one of those "do as I say" gifts.

      That wisdom aside, I personally think there is something seriously wrong with the entire Cuomo family. Bad genes, abnormal genes, or perhaps something as simple as just plain stupid. In a just society, people like that would be mercifully shot in order to relieve them of their misery. Or ours.

  2. The heavier the armament rained down on these nursing homes would be much more merciful than what Gov Cuomo actually perpetrated against these poor souls. Lizard people. Democrats are definitely lizard people from Theiranus.

  3. Excellent reporting, as usual.

    Words that begin with the letter “D”


    Obviously, I have too much time on my hands, but all of these words would seem to describe the best and brightest of the Democratic Party.

    I saw a picture over at Woodsterman's earlier of Biden standing at the head of a class full of young children, captioned "Biden at the petting zoo." Does anyone know why he hasn't been arrested for child abuse?

  4. An excellent question. I just read a post that stated, "If I'm racist for voting for Donald Trump, then you're a pedophile for voting for Joe Biden. Fair is fair."

    I think you have the D words covered. except for Dingleberry. And Dunce. and dildos... But that's it for sure... Dopes...