Monday, May 18, 2020

Stay safe. Stay inebriated. Stay self-medicated. Stay asleep. Stay home.

In these uncertain, unprecedented, trying, difficult and challenging times like these of social distancing and slowing down - and as we turn more inside, more than ever - the doors may be closed but we can still find ways to stay close even when we're apart, all without leaving the safety of your home.  Chattering Teeth Blog is here to help us get through this together.

Stay safe. Stay inebriated. Stay self-medicated. Stay asleep. Stay home.

We have learned so much since the last foolish generation. "Greatest," indeed. When the times got tough, did they stay home, stay safe? No they did not. Did they face a threat that had the potential to kill almost 1% of the minority of people affected? No. And when they went to the grocery store for their scheduled pull up and pickup time, did they always get their order of toilet paper? I'm betting the safe guess is yes. In fact, based on the photos I've seen, everybody appears to have a clean, new haircut during WWII.

Just listen to these foolish rubes...

"America prepares. All of America alters it's life and work to meet the demand for protection."

Really? What happened to, "I stayed at work for you, you stay at home for us"?

"Industry is at double step ... The armaments of war an embattled world must have if democracy is to survive."

Ummm. Why do you need those assault weapons?

"Mechanical genius joins with the muscle of men, working to win for the ways of freedom. Freedom to think, to speak... to rise, live and plan with one's fellow man."

YIKES! Enough with this 'freedom' thingy and from this scary video. Here, watch this one and go back to sleep.


  1. Nazis, Japs, Ruskies, North Koreans, VC, and the Moslem Horde were never a threat to the American way of life. Democrats, on the other hand ...

  2. American politics boils down to beating the opposition into submission ... kind of like Islam, except that decapitation is only a metaphor. How do you control several hundred million people? By scaring them to death. Covid-19 is the new boogey man. It’s laughable until you realize how many scared Americans are hiding in their homes.

    1. I went back to work with all these stupid rules, like a flimsy piece of fabric over our mouths will stop a virus, which most of us laugh at.
      Then you see the young person you thought was smarter (degreed even) shrink away.

    2. Yep back to the office with the mask. Of course, I take it off at my desk which is in a room the size of a large broom closet. I'm not exactly mister sociable any ways, so doesn't bother me too much. Thankfully I don't know anyone who loves there mask or walks around frightened there.