Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hashtag Bring Back Chattering Teeth!

I have heard my people's cry! After all, yours is a benevolent blogger king.
'Blade, where have you been?

I hopefully refuted Jess' assertion that my absense had anything to do with an alien abduction #butt probe. There was no Close Encounter of the Michael Sam Kind.

PICTURED: the Mother's day gift to Mrs. DaBlade, from our boys. It is the Lincoln Log version of our planned bugout Chattering Teeth mountain retreat compound.

I am just happy our boys have learned the art of Lincoln Log window installation in the last 15-20 years.

This was NOT my reaction...

The reason this was the perfect gift for mom is because she is always posting pictures of log cabins like this on her FB page.

She is happy to tell anyone who will listen (and twice to those unwilling) that her dream is to escape to her own mountain log cabin, due to the sad state of moral corruption and decay that has rotted the core of this country.

For myself, I can't just sit around the compound. I've been exploring and taming the virtual island world that is Far Cry 3 in my computer.

The setting is a savage paradise where lawlessness and violence rule. Sort of like the post-obama era. Someone will have to defend the compound when Mooshell's over-sized 16 heel falls. Seriously, this is a very addictive game. I will try to come up for air more often, however. The cabin is not yet built.


  1. I'm guessing I'll be perusing your blog in the future and there will be a short note about how you were turned into electrons, transported into the land you created and were running from the dinosaur you thought would be a clever distraction.

    Be sure to be wearing some running shoes, when that happens.

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  6. Haha! No wonder I got up to 7 comments! Ed's tablet is good for 5 "removed by author's tablet". And Jess, who's to say that my pixelated dinosaur world isn't the real world and yours of concrete, sulfur and twists of iron are in the fake one? Hmmmm...

  7. There's always the possibility my blog is the work of my programming skills, random access code and I just click an icon to produce a post.

  8. Please do not display any further photos of the First Magilla Gorilla. I just ate lunch and almost lost it. [barf]

    Actually, I am proclaiming myself Queen Of This Dump. That should take care of future. [lol] :)