Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Top 5 ways to spoil your chicken

If you're like me, you spoil your chicken.

I bought mine a virtual reality headset so he has the freedom to roam without the roaming, so he can cross the road without leaving the safety of the coop, and for making him believe he is a free-range chicken. Sometimes, just to mess with him, I load the Colonel's program. Never fails! He always gives me the chicken finger for that.

Speaking of bucket lists, my chicken has always wanted to be a Chattering Teeth blog guest columnist. Today is the day! It will give me a chance to try out his Virtual Reality Headset. I hope you find him as insightful as I do. Take it away Mister Chicken!

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Sorry about that. I think the chicken has been into the zebra fishes' vodka stash.


  1. Very cool! But how to you clean the chicken poop off the keyboard? (ewww) ~:)

  2. I once asked a chicken about the meaning of life. It clucked, laid an egg and crapped on my foot.

    It was a profound moment.

  3. Jess, you recently read the chicken bones for Dana, I believe.
    Did they still have bbq sauce on them?

  4. Sparky, chicken poop on my keyboard might improve my daily droppings, some would say. eww indeed!

    Jess, Have you considered the possibility that WE are the chickens and are wearing the virtual headsets to fool us into thinking we something else? I have.

    Ed, you have just laid an Easter egg. I must find these bones of which you speak!


  6. I must say that your chicken is a better writer than you are!

    Just teasing. She's only marginally better ;-)

    Seriously, I live for the day when a chicken can cross the road and not have its motives questioned.

    I hope you do too.

  7. bok bok!! Have a terrific weekend!!:)

  8. Thanks Ed, I will check that out for sure.

    cube, "motives questioned" Loved it! :) and I'll let the chicken scratch more often!

    WHT, ONE MORE DAY! You too my friend!