Thursday, May 22, 2014

Detroit News Front Page Today

GOOD NEWS! The "exodus from Detroit is continuing but may be slowing" while only just "1 in 3 Detroit pregnancies ends in abortion".

Let's phrase these two totally unrelated stories in the form of Common Core math problems

1. Detroit currently has 688,701 residents. In 1950, there were 1.9 million residents. How many more apples does Pat have than Jen?

2. 1 in 3 Detroit pregnancies ends in abortion due to Mitt Romney and the rising poverty and dwindling access to affordable contraception. Randomly shade in any number of these boxes (or doodle in the margins) for full credit.

3. It is unfair that Pat has more apples than Jen. He didn't pick those! Draw a picture on how to solve the apple inequality and how best to punish Pat.

Obviously, abortion is not the reason Detroit has imploded, not does it have anything to do with the democrat monopoly over this once fair city. It has everything to do with man-made climate change, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and George W Bush. And Obamacare is working!


  1. That's Common Core alright! In a NUT shell. ~:)

  2. You are an absolute GENIUS and your blog should be read by millions.
    I'm not kidding.
    Those Common Core questions are FABULOUS!

    !! Z

  3. I agree with Z ... but I hope you realize that you'll never get a job in the VA now.

  4. I'm proud to almost know you.
    I'm going to Frankenmuth Saturday.
    I'll honk. Maybe wave.

  5. Sparky, You scored a smiley face on the blog pop quiz. We are all winners here! :)

    Z, Ha! You are always able to make me smile (and blush). When I was sub teaching a few years back, sometimes the school principal would stop by whatever room I was assigned. I'd get all nervous, then proud after receiving compliments. That's how I get when Z and Mustang stop by. Always nice to get recognized by the pros. Thanks.

    Mustang, But I've been in this line for 5 years! Thanks!

    Ed, Honk while traveling north on I75 as you pass Grand Blanc Rd exit :) someday we'll have to have a beer. The Frankenmuth brewery has some fine German stout!