Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Obama makes surprise trip to Afghanistan, refuses to meet with U.S. troops.

Obama makes surprise trip to Afghanistan to visit his troops and to blow the cover of the top U.S. CIA agent infidel there.

Mission accomplished. Obama would have done LESS damage to the U.S. HAD HE ACTUALLY visited the al Qaeda terrorist traing camp as these 2 minute photoshop images suggest.

Pictures of the practice grenade toss at the terrorist training camp are not available, as al Qaeda teased Obama incessantly for tossing the grenade from the elbow.

"Hey Obama, did you get it caught in your burka?"

It's nice to know that some things are universal.


  1. If Michelle didn't have his balls, he'd trip over them.

  2. O'blamer is such an incompetent boob that even the Dem's are starting to complain ... albeit quietly.
    Now I have to go wash my eyes out after seeing Turd Boy strutting around in shorts. *barf*

  3. Jess, it has been unusually quiet on that domestic front now hasn't it? And I thought his pitch was a little higher!

    Sparky, I should put a warning label on those :)

  4. That strut reminds me of a warner bros cartoon. Foghorn Leghorn?

  5. Foghorn Leghorn: "What's the gag - I say, what's the gag, son? Gag, that is. "