Monday, May 5, 2014

A Big Year for the Farkle Family

My middle son graduated from my alma mater yesterday (Go Blue!) with a BS in Actuarial Science, which has something to do with math and/or math equations involving numbers and function thingys.

It's rather complicated and probably over your head. Just know that I am very proud of the lad because I know how hard he has worked and busted tail these last 4 years.

He told me it felt good to not have a homework assignment due tomorrow, and then he said something about not caring if he ever dealt with another 'Intra girl' (whatever that is). I told him, "Son, you're an engaged man and your college days are now over, so you'd better be done with all those other girls."

"No dad, Integral, not intra girl! An integral is a mathematical object that can be interpreted as an area or a generalization of area. Integrals, together with derivatives, are the fundamental objects of calculus. Other words for integral include antiderivative and primitive."

"SON! Watch what you say about my future daughter-in-law!"

So did I already tell you how this is a big year for my family and about the engagements? My oldest of 3 sons is engaged to be married in December. My middle boy (and recent grad here) is getting married in October. Two in one year! My baby, who is now 19, insists he will not be making this a matrimonial trifecta, which is fine by me.

Yep. A big year indeed!


  1. Many congratulations to you.
    Did he survive the Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor indoctrination?

  2. Haha! Thanks Ed. He was closer to home at the Flint branch, where he was still well within the countering sphere of the Chattering Teeth manifesto!

  3. I heard someone talking about calculus and derivatives.

    From the conversation, I found out derivatives are known to wait in dark alleys and catch unsuspecting students.

    After caught, they suck their brains from their heads and they turn into liberals.