Friday, August 8, 2014

Fundamental transformation

*knock* *knock*

OBAMA: Uhhhhh... come in.

ADVISOR: Mister President. There is some disturbing news coming in from Iraq. Pockets of civilian Yazidi, many of whom are Christian, have been chased out of their villages and are now cornered in the mountains by the Islamofacist group called ISIS...

OBAMA: Uhhhh.... Why... I am outraged! I have no choice but to bomb thaaaaat pocket of christian "folks". Don't they know... thaaaat I ENDED Bush's Iraq war?


I know I haven't posted a blog in some time as I have been working on the correct pronunciation of the word "Hamas". I ordered the Islamofacist language learning program called "Stoning Rosetta" and have been working tirelessly in this endeavor. When I started this project, I sounded like your typical "Ham Ass" infidel. But now I speak speak Hamas-holian like a regular Islamonazi! I could never learn to speak proper Spanish in high school because I couldn't roll the tongue. But now I'm rolling heads! Thanks Stoning Rosetta!

Excerpt - The proper pronunciation of "Hamas"...
PRONOUNCED ("sound of cat throwing up hairball" + mas")


  1. A retching cat does sound like the Islamic language! All that's missing is shooting guns in the air and the head chopping. Good going there DaBlade.
    Happy that you have returned. ~;)

  2. Except Ospecial refers to them as ISIL, much like Packistan is Pockyston, etc.
    I love the way he said we are leaving Afghanistan in honor.
    I thought "pieces" might be more appropriate.

  3. Ha! Nice additions Sparky. The last thing we need is a well armed cat militia. Those things are scary enough already.

    Ed, Yes, and corpsmen are "corpse-men". He is not only wrong about everything, he is arrogantly wrong about everything.