Monday, August 18, 2014

In space, no one can see your skat

Dear blog,

Monitoring of my heat signature and any wi-fi connection may be spotty for a day or two, as I will be testing my mail-ordered Anti Drone Tent constructed of gold thermal blankets and in the warm(?) embrace of my sleeping bag and onesie unitard footie pajamas I've fashioned from a few rolls of aluminum foil and spare gum wrappers.
But have no fear.

In the words of the late, great American philosopher Moe Howard, "Do not worry about everything... Anything will be OK". 

Time will tell if this backyard experiment leads to the Coup De Blog.



  1. I'm impressed. After the zombie apocalypse is over, you can wad the tent up, sell the partial ounce of gold ,and buy a Big Mac.

    Does it have cable?

  2. Apparently it's some kind of hippie commune cuz they gave me a wifi password for free!

  3. I have no idea what you're talking about :-)
    But have FUN!!

  4. That is clever DaBlade! We have a sociopath in the White House. No doubt about it.

  5. I was wondering if WIFI and a dish would defeat the purpose.
    And by the way, Thanks a lot.
    the NSA keeps asking where you're gone to.

  6. Z, purposefully cryptic since it's never a good idea to announce when one is not home on social networks, so I went halfway there by leaving some deniability. I have adult boys staying there, as well as a large German Shepard so Not sure why I am paranoid ;)
    Sparky, I will check that link out post haste.
    Ed, don't tell them anything, but between you and me, the Mrs and I are in Caseville for the week. Think "thumb"!

  7. it's just the heat thing, and wifi thing and all the technical stuff (technical to ME, anyway) that I just don't grab, unfortunately! :-)