Sunday, August 10, 2014

Monkey Selfies

With all of the challenges facing us in this country and in this world today, I think we can all agree there is no more pressing issue than whether or not the monkey who took this selfie should own the copyright.

In 2011, Slater (a British wildlife photographer) was visiting a park in Indonesia when a crested black macaque got a hold of one of his cameras. “They were quite mischievous, jumping all over my equipment,” Slater told the Telegraph, “and it looked like they were already posing for the camera when one hit the button.”

This is a monkey's "tail" that must be told and questions that my fertile mind MUST know the answers for. Questions like:

* Is the wildlife photographer fighting for the copyright out of jealousy that this monkey beat him at his own game?
* Could this British wildlife photographer simply be upset that this black macaque has better dental hygiene?
* Has this subject ever met Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt and have they ever posed for a selfie together?

All good questions. Ultimately I don't see a resolution without a great televised courtroom battle. My greatest hope is that the monkey insists on representing itself in the upcoming  trial. I can almost see the macaque expertly executing a cross examination of the witness, pacing back and forth and screaming, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE POOP!", as the first row of jurists learn the hard way that they are in the "splash zone".


  1. This is THE funniest post I've read in a LONG TIME.
    Your bullet points had me cracking UP!!

    What a story! And what a wonderful thing you did with it.
    and thanks for your wonderful comment today.

  2. Your comments made the insanity even funnier!
    BTW, where did he get that good picture of O'Liar? *lol*

  3. Z, Made ya laugh! Thanks, and you're welcome. I love your Sunday faith blogs. They always get me thinking and usually something new to pray for.

    Sparky, I know I don't blog regularly, but after reading this story I couldn't in good conscience remain silent. Thanks! :)

    Ed, Now that PETA is getting involved, anything is possible... "If Slater wants to argue to a court that he and other humans can employ and contract with animals like the macaque, PETA will support his position as long as the contract is fair and equitable." This blog will follow this case and break any new developments. You have my word as a gentlebloggerman.

    Kid, Thanks. Someone has to tackle these tough issues.