Monday, December 7, 2015

A veritable mishmash of blog gibberish you've come to expect

This may or may not in fact be the actual
FULL TRANSCRIPT of Obama's speech
or it may well be just more gibberish from random text generator dot com (this blog's main contributory ghost writer).
Really, I have no way of knowing what output you might get from this generator, as it refreshes every click. It may be Obama's address from last night, or you may get the first two chapters from a book titled, "Dreams from Mein Fuhrer's Kampf".

Who's to say, and how could you tell the difference? One man's gobbledygook is another man's teleprompter output.

One way to tell if you are reading Obama's actual address after a terrorist massacre attack or just verbal mishmash is whether or not he starts out with a "shout out" to one of his homeys. You know... like after the Fort Hood massacre.

OBAMA: Before I get started with statements on the recent workplace violence incident caused by an insensitive office Christmas party, the proximity of a nearby Planned Parenthood and the proliferation of guns in this country, I would be remiss not to thank the staff responsible for putting together this awesome set. It almost makes me appear presidential. A special shout out to the curtain guy for making sure my devil horns were not showing this time...


  1. Were those two ISIS inspired terrorists on a no fly list?
    I bet not.
    Does Obama know that?
    I bet not.

  2. Ed, I'm sure he doesn't care. This marxist is a good multi-tasker. He can golf AND chisel away the second amendment at the same time.