Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Future Tense: President Trump builds 1,954 mile long border Shopping Mall

 Trump has been leading in the polls for two reasons. First, he is a YUUUGE thumb in the eye of the Republican establishment who have betrayed us bitter clingers time and time again and we have had enough. Dos, he has promised to secure the border by building a big, beautiful wall.

I want a wall and I want border security. Most importantly, I want the establishment blue blood elitist Republican leadership to receive a huge black eye, ala Harry Reid's "exerciser".  However, I do not want a President Trump.
We interrupt this blog for breaking poll results!!


CRUZ 100%

I threw in for Cruz when he was at like 4% nationally. I'm not taking credit for his meteoric rise since. However, it might be wise for you to force it upon me.

Random debate thoughts.

I find John Kasich very distracting. His constant waving of his arms and seemingly random facial tics, hand gestures and karate chops... all I could think of was David Byrne of Talking Heads fame in "Once in a Lifetime". David Byrne dancing. John Kasich debating. One is enjoyable to watch and listen to. The other, not so much. See for yourself.


  1. Ted Cruz understands the Constitution, the rules of law, and how to beat the crap out of anyone that doesn't quite understand liberty is not synonymous with freedom. While this escapes many, those with the understanding that government is only useful, when it fears the governed, realize people like Cruz are as rare as the Hope diamond.

  2. I agree with Jess. I'm old and remember the Reagan years. I really think the Ted Cruz may be another Reagan, possibly better.
    Excellent post again DaBlade. ~:)

  3. I sure hope Trump is setting Ted Cruz up for the win.

  4. Jess, what is this constitution and rule of law of which you speak? Wait, I remember now. Obama keeps those in his pocketses. One, he uses to sign his name, and the other he uses to make phone calls. Cruz is gonna crush both under the heel of a big Texas sized cowboy boot.

    Sparky, That is my hope as well. We are running out of time (if we haven't already)

    Kid, My thoughts. too. The GOP establishment are like the old men in the park you like to play chess with... when you can find 32 of them. -emo philips

  5. Kasich and Byrne...hilarious!
    I don't know what happened to Kasich...he comes out looking like his head's coming out of a turtle shell, poor man. He just can't get it together. And I kind of liked him.

    So, it's a Border MALL , we've been mishearing Trump? Pesos or Dollars!?

  6. I found it interesting that Jeb called Trump the chaos candidate and the audience applause was loud and positive.
    The Trump repled with his laundry list of what he's gonna do, and it was the same applause!
    People do not like Trump, they just like what he says.

  7. Z, I can't remember if Trump said "wall" or "mall" or bathroom "stall"... whichever it is, I know it will have a big, beautiful yuge door in it. :)

    Ed, That audience seemed to me to be an establishment plant. I think I was more upset at the audience at that debate than I was at the Jebster.