Thursday, December 10, 2015

Star Tracks - Forced Awake

WE ARE ONLY ONE WEEK AWAY from the premiere of THAT NEW STAR TRACKS MOVIE and I couldn't be any more excited. *yawn* I hear that I am not alone, and that other mega-fans and maniacal nerds are already lining up to see this sure-fire block buster hit titled something like "Star Tracks - Forced Awake". HASHTAG OMG CAN'T WAIT!

Full disclosure. I know the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars. I used to watch Captain Kirk every day after school and before delivering my paper route. However, I never referred to myself as a "Trekkie" and never went to one of those nerd conventions. As for Star Wars, I did see the original movie at the theater at the tender age of 16, but I did not dress up as one of the characters, nor do I recall standing in line to see it... Oh, and I liked girls.

Now before I have my part-time nerd card revoked, let me just say something in my defense. While I have not joined these mega nerds by standing in line for 10 straight days to see a movie for which I had already purchased tickets in advance, I have no less reserved seating on the end of my living room couch to watch this flick when it runs on Netflix in a few years. I leave a pillow cushion in my place to save my seat for when I have to leave (to live a full and fulfilling life). HASHTAG OMG CAN'T WAIT!

In the meantime, re-runs suit me just fine!



  1. LOl God help us all Jerry!!! Happiest holidays to you my loyal patriot friend!!! xoxoxox :)

  2. Man, I thought I commented.
    I won tickets to the premiere.
    If I had to pay, I probably would have waited for the DVD.
    But in 1977, I was the tenth in line.

  3. I think I'm tangentially approaching middle ground here. I did attend some premieres of Star Trek movies, but have always watched Star Wars films on TV so you know whom I'm preferential towards. Still, I'm curious about the new SW film and I'll probably watch it when it comes out on DVD, not anything against the film per se, because I do want to watch it, but just because I don't like going to movie theaters period.

  4. Thanks for being a loyal patriot friend, Angel!

    Ed, How in the world do you keep winning tickets and trips and all the cool prizes!? Since you're going, we'll need a full blog report. Not so much for the movie (I hear it's really good). Rather, do the 'man on the street' style interviews only labeled 'nerd in the theater'.

    cube, I know. I'd be lying if I said I didn't care to see it. When the kids were little, I had a built in excuse. Of course, that meant I had to suffer the pickachu pokeman movie, which was the worst movie experience in my entire life. It required deep breathing exercises to stop from clawing at my eyes.

  5. I hear ya about going with the kiddies. I'll never forget the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers premiere when we took daughter #1. It was her first movie at a theater and she shook with excitement. We'll never forget that, but hubby will forget the Harry Potter movies because he he slept through a large part of them.