Friday, December 4, 2015


San Bernardino shooting: 'What is the motivation for this?'

and in other news...

Yes, I know this is hardly the first time I've tied a current event to a scene from the greatest motion picture of all time, The Jerk. I guess it is how I am now permanently wired. So when I read these ludicrous headlines and ridiculous stories from our "retarded news reporters" (hat tip: Kid, at Diary of a Right Wing Pussycat), I just see Navin Johnson (Steve Martin) wringing his hands and trying desperately to come up with a motive for the spontaneously leaking oil cans. Obviously, these cans should not be proudly displaying their labels for fear of offending.

The next visual I have is of Nancy Kerrigan holding her knee and sobbing, "whyyyyy?"

Don't worry CNN and the rest of the state-controlled MSM. The majority of Americans no longer seek you out for the truth.
Rick McKee - The Augusta Chronicle - Wheel Of Terror

And now for a stroll down memory lane...


  1. I feel like I'm living in the movie The Jerk, with Dinglebarry as Head Jerkoff. I just wish this nightmare would end. Excellent commentary DaBlade! ~:)

  2. That Wheel of Fortune cartoon is funny in that Obama never misses an oppo to say "I".

  3. Sparky, Thanks! However, "Dinglebarry" can't play the jerk as he was born a rich, white child.

    Ed, YES! The "I"s have it. I now see that CNN has purchased a clue. They updated the headline from the story I linked from "What is the Motivation?" to "investigated as 'act of terrorism'" Glad they are right on top of this breaking twist!