Friday, December 4, 2015


San Bernardino shooting: 'What is the motivation for this?'

and in other news...

Yes, I know this is hardly the first time I've tied a current event to a scene from the greatest motion picture of all time, The Jerk. I guess it is how I am now permanently wired. So when I read these ludicrous headlines and ridiculous stories from our "retarded news reporters" (hat tip: Kid, at Diary of a Right Wing Pussycat), I just see Navin Johnson (Steve Martin) wringing his hands and trying desperately to come up with a motive for the spontaneously leaking oil cans. Obviously, these cans should not be proudly displaying their labels for fear of offending.

The next visual I have is of Nancy Kerrigan holding her knee and sobbing, "whyyyyy?"

Don't worry CNN and the rest of the state-controlled MSM. The majority of Americans no longer seek you out for the truth.
Rick McKee - The Augusta Chronicle - Wheel Of Terror

And now for a stroll down memory lane...


Sparky said...

I feel like I'm living in the movie The Jerk, with Dinglebarry as Head Jerkoff. I just wish this nightmare would end. Excellent commentary DaBlade! ~:)

Ed Bonderenka said...

That Wheel of Fortune cartoon is funny in that Obama never misses an oppo to say "I".

DaBlade said...

Sparky, Thanks! However, "Dinglebarry" can't play the jerk as he was born a rich, white child.

Ed, YES! The "I"s have it. I now see that CNN has purchased a clue. They updated the headline from the story I linked from "What is the Motivation?" to "investigated as 'act of terrorism'" Glad they are right on top of this breaking twist!