Saturday, December 5, 2015

White House Holiday Card 2015 - It's Finally here!

Look what just arrived in the mail.

And here I was worried The Bamster wouldn't best his pop-up holiday card from 2013.


  1. Reminds me of Z's post about "worshipping trees".
    I'm not on the card list this year so thanks for sharing.
    I'm not jealous.

  2. Yes, I had read that earlier over at Z's place. I don't know about you, but this time of the season, I like to sit by the choom bong fire and sing old favorite tunes I learned in childhood spent in an Indonesian Islamic madrasah. Memories...

  3. "Buds are roasting on an open fire..."

  4. Something else to be grateful for ... I'm not on the anti-Christ's mailing list. Hallelujah.
    PS: I've learned that due to popular demand, their alledged kids are now called Malaria and Sushi. Works for me. ~:)

  5. Sparky, It must have been tough for Ă˜bama to pick from his many assorted anti Christian quotes and messages from just this past year. I think he picked his best though. Don't worry about not being on his list. I know I am on all of his lists and will share his mailings with you here.

  6. I don't remember seeing that 2013 card...MY GOSH, how's like this pres goes out of his way to tick Christians OFF. I know he has to tread gently because of PC and , let's face it, there are lots of other religions in this country, but to ignore our heritage like this?
    The Bushes and even the CLintons didn't pander THIS much.
    I can't wait for this jerk to be OUT OF OFFICE.

    Your card really is hilarious!! Rainbow stripes..perfect!
    Oh, and MERRY TREE!

  7. Z, Re: the 2013 popup card - yes, it's real and it's spectacular. The message in gold at the top, "...if you pray to none at all" is an actual obama quote, though I may have added it to the card :)

    Kid, I imagine it's why you come here. To learn and edumacate yerself.