Monday, February 13, 2017

California Dike Failure Imminent

Remember this?
“We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

Now this:
'Suspend Flynn So That We Can See if He Should Be Suspended'
“General Flynn should be suspended and have his intelligence clearance revoked until the facts are known about his secret contacts with the Russians," she said.

Chattering Teeth News - House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) continues to show signs of mental erosion, as the rate of idiocy that is overflowing from her piehole spillway is increasing at an alarming rate.

Engineers are warning that if her dentures slip and completely fail, the results would be a devestating unleashing of uncontrolled flood of asininity upon towns below The Hill.

The senselessness and imbecility that is Pelosi threatens to rapidly spread out and overtake all of us. An evacuation was ordered for any within Pelosi's purview, and panicked and angry congress-people were sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic trying to leave the area.

There is an emergency plan to plug the hole by using helicopters to drop rocks into her over-sized crevasse.


  1. But, seriously, folks; regarding the dam and its possible break, I had to laugh at articles whose headlines say CALIFORNIA UNPREPARED....ya, the state that's had so little water its rivers have been dry for 7 years didn't expect THIS and ACT ON IT? :-)
    Pelosi....too sickening to consider.
    I ADORE my state but when I THINK of the women we've elected here....we've had some GREAT men, like George Deukmejian, Reagan, Wilson, etc etc. but the WOMEN? NARY A ONE. My favorite moment being watching that dope Boxer making a presentation with posters with misspellings on them. ugh

  2. I've heard Pelosi has knobs behind her ears to allow skin tightening, and avoid more costly cosmetic procedures.

    On the plus side, she saves money, can continue to have smooth facial skin attached to a wrinkly sub-structure, and her constituents will love her until she decides to retire.

    On the negative side, if she continues tightening the knobs, she'll develop a mustache, and only the most discerning will have ability to tell the difference between her and Adolph Hitler.

  3. Crevasse? Piss on France. Trudeau (who spoke French half the time at the conference) - piss on him too. Pelosi - don't piss on her, because I heard she likes it that way.

    the "good dr hirkimer's" Rx

  4. LOL. Well done.

    Imagine with pelosi as minority leader and stuart smalley suggesting DJT gets a mental exam ! Lol... Ya can't make that stuff up.

    I heard later that nana pelosi demanded that Nancy Pelosi resign immediately. Followed by an Ohhh, and an ahhh, and an errr, and then a nevermind.

    Canada could have sent a high school kid to read what Trudeau said. Oh wait, they did. Nevermind.

  5. Z, The dam is man-made and therefore is inevitably due to fail at some point. Like Chernobyl... or Fukushima (which isn't even done yet) Prayers to the poor folks in harm's way. (including in range of Pelosi or Boxer) As for the female politicians in CA, in everything balance. You're there, after all :)

    I did wake up to see that Flynn is now gone. Regardless of what folks say is the 'merit', all I see is a democrat scalp. They can manufacture a reason for all of us. Why don't we rally behind our own like the democrats?

    Jess, your hilarious depiction of Pelosi reminded me of that Apple 'Frankenstein' Christmas commercial. Mustache, indeed!

    the "good dr hirkimer's" Rx calls for a little bit of Edison's Medicine. (Kid will like that one:)
    Saw Tesla with the Nooog a few years ago. Love them! (but in a manly way)

    Kid, thanks. nana pelosi. Outstanding! :)

  6. lolz the libs will no doubt come to the rescue..NOT! Happy Valentines day beloved friend!!! xoxoxoxox