Monday, February 27, 2017

Liberal indoctrination in our public schools

6th GRADE TEACHER (in the not too distant future): Good morning my young lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals, transgendereds! queers, Intersexuals, Asexuals, Pansexuals... oh, and you too boys and girls? Please stop talking and/or fornicating with your neighbor, roll up your prayer rugs, extinguish all non-medical marijuanna - and please put your condoms, dirty needles and any recently aborted fetuses under your desks. Now that Johnny is back from the little girl's bathroom, we can get started.

Today's godless common core socialist progressive state-controlled lesson plan explores the question

Why doesn't Trump care that we can see him lying?

I heard about this latest local example of liberal indoctrination in the classroom over at Ed's blog and his linked radio show. (give it a listen)

I don't believe this teacher should be sent to Guantanamo (though thanks to obama, there is now plenty of room there, but I would reserve that for mouthy journalists). However, this offending 'teacher' should be sent to mandatory sensitivity training classes. Give them a dose of their own medicine, I say. Thankfully, this young man has a dad who loves him.

By the way, the graphic above was inspired by the Arlington preschool teacher who was fired over a series of anti-Semitic posts on social media, including a tweet that said "kill some Jews." Had obama won a third term, she likely would have been the front runner for Sect. of Education.

Reminds me of this previously blogged true story...

Back in November of 2000, my middle child's 2nd grade classroom assignment was a mock election. It was 3 days before the election of 2000 and the teacher asked her students to write a paragraph on who they would vote for to be the next President of The United Sates, and why. The papers were to be posted on the student's locker in full display for the parent's visitation scheduled that week. Pictured below is my boy's answer.

This was not a takehome assignment. It was given and completed in class. I found nothing objectionable in my son's answer and was extremelypissed off upset that his answer was deemed unacceptable by the teacher's censorship, and her comments to "See me!" in red ink, capped off with an exclamation point. What is an innocent 8 year old to think of this? He brought it home upset and confused as to what he did wrong. I set him straight that he did  not do anything wrong, and let him know that sometimes adult teachers are the ones who are wrong. It was a new concept for him. The loss of innocence is a sad but necessary lesson. Rest assured that I set the teacher straight the next day. I had occasions before and since this episode to voice my displeasure with their liberal indoctrinations of the day. There was a well worn path from my house to the school. Let's just say that all of the teachers and administrators knew who I was. We'd met.

This story had a happy ending however. The assignment was posted and was possibly the final straw in putting George W. Bush over the top in 2000. I finally pulled my kids out of the public school system because I felt like it had become a form of passive child abuse to subject them to it to save me a few bucks.

The moral of the story? You can sit at home and 'take it', or you can put the TV remote down and pay a visit to the local school scene of the crime and open up some whoop-a$$.



  1. Of course the liberal media is quick to suggest that the rise in Jewish hate crimes (such as the overturned headstones in the Jewish cemetery) must be the work of the "deplorables". I had not heard of this proud muslim teacher and her Anti-Semetic comments until I read your blog, because our fellow American muslims don't really think that way and the koran is all about peace so the lib media can't report truth for it might stir people up. That is the tolerant message that we are supposed to digest while they try to spread the sharia law throughout the world.

  2. You weer lucky DeBlade. The guys at work with kids in school tell me the teachers and administrators won't answer parents attempts at communication and if they go down there they won't be seen.

    This whole public/teachers union needs to be nuked. From what I understand, DeVos's plans to open up lots of options for parents will, over time, sufficiently depopulate to public schools of students and put the *es out of business. Privately run schools with non-union teachers who must communicate with parents and can be fired for non-performance and liberal indoctrination.... Well, I can dream. It's the only way - education is the first step otherwise the kids will grow up and keep voting for the obamas of the world and every other life destroying concept.

  3. Ed, the blog post thanks you. This blog is super sensitive and is fueled by constant atta-blogs and words of encouragement. This blog has low self esteem and sometimes thinks its a girl wrestler, so thanks for propping it up.

    'good' doctor, I didn't read the stories regarding the headstones, but it doesn't surprise me that it is being blamed on Trump somehow. The left's attempts to accuse Trump of being anti-Semitic is so beyond truth and comprehension that they aren't even trying to hide their agendas anymore.

    Kid, I'm sure it is much tougher to get a meeting and much easier to get yourself arrested. That said, I'd pull 'em (after I secured bail money). I like the Devos' plan. We all can dream.